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TaskRouter.js v2: Integrating TaskRouter with your browser-based applications


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TaskRouter SDK v2 is the current generation of the TaskRouter SDK, designed to offer enhanced interaction with the TaskRouter REST API.

TaskRouter SDK v2 uses a modern tech stack, which provides:

  • Faster response times
  • Better scalability to accommodate growing needs
  • Enhanced security measures
  • Seamless integrations

You can use TaskRouter SDK v2 with a standalone TaskRouter setup or the comprehensive capabilities of Flex. TaskRouter SDK v2 is designed to provide full functionality in either scenario.

  • Workspace: The foundational environment where all operations occur, including tasks, workers, and task queues.
  • Worker: Workers represent individual agents or resources. They can manage tasks, interact with supervisors, and handle transfer scenarios.
  • Transfers: This new module manages incoming and outgoing transfers for smoother agent and task transitions.
  • TaskQueue: The holding area for tasks until they are assigned to workers.
  • Task: Individual units of work or assignments that workers handle. Tasks can now be created, modified, or transitioned between states more effectively.
  • Supervisor: An added functionality that provides oversight of worker activities, tasks, and transfer scenarios, providing managerial control and intervention.
  • Reservation: This object allows for detailed tracking and management of reserved tasks for specific workers.
  • OutgoingTransfer: Specific object to manage tasks or communications being transferred out to other entities or channels.
  • IncomingTransfer: Tailored for tasks or communications incoming from different entities or channels, ensuring that they're queued or handled appropriately.
  • Channel: Represents various mediums or pathways through which tasks can arrive or be dispatched, such as voice, chat, or email.
  • Activity: Keeping track of the status or state of workers - be it available, busy, on break, or any custom states.

You can find the latest version of the TaskRouter SDK v2 documentation in theTaskRouter.js documentation on Github(link takes you to an external page).

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