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Bundle Replace Items Resource

This page is specifically about the Replace Items subresource of a Bundle. Please refere to Regulatory Compliance REST APIs for general knoweldge or FAQ page.

With the new Replace Items resource, developers can now update their compliance information when Regulations change while contining to provision new Phone Numbers before their compliance information is no longer valid. The Replace Items resource replaces a twilio-approved Regulatory Bundle's Items with a `twilio-approved` Bundle Copy. By replacing the old items with the newly approved Bundle Copy Items Assigned, you will not have to worry about reassigning any Phone Numbers or other potential dependencies that rely on the Bundle.

Replace Items Response properties

The field of the Bundle resource response is in JSON. The type SID<BU> is a unique ID starting with letters BU. For more information about Twilio SIDs, please refer to Twilio's glossary on SIDs.

Resource Properties in REST API format
sid<BU> Not PII

The unique string that we created to identify the Bundle resource.

sid<AC> Not PII

The SID of the Account that created the Bundle resource.

sid<RN> Not PII

The unique string of a regulation that is associated to the Bundle resource.

string Not PII

The string that you assigned to describe the resource.

enum:status Not PII

The verification status of the Bundle resource.

date_time<iso8601> Not PII

The date and time in GMT in ISO 8601 format when the resource will be valid until.

string Not PII

The email address that will receive updates when the Bundle resource changes status.

url Not PII

The URL we call to inform your application of status changes.

date_time<iso8601> Not PII

The date and time in GMT when the resource was created specified in ISO 8601 format.

date_time<iso8601> Not PII

The date and time in GMT when the resource was last updated specified in ISO 8601 format.

Bundle Statuses

The following statuses encompass the Bundle lifecycle.

Status Description
draft The user has created a new Bundle that can be edited with Supporting Documents and End-User objects assigned.
pending-review When the user has finished the draft of the Bundle and submits to Twilio for review, the status moves from draft to pending-review.
in-review Twilio has moved the Bundle from pending-review to in-review. Once Twilio has finished review, the Bundle will go either to twilio-approved or twilio-rejected.
twilio-rejected Twilio has reviewed the Bundle and has determined the Bundle does not meet the regulations.
twilio-approved Twilio has reviewed the Bundle and has determined the Bundles does meet the regulations.

Replace Items from Bundle Copy to original Bundle

Parameters in REST API format
post sid<BU> Not PII

The unique string that identifies the Bundle where the item assignments are going to be replaced.

post sid<BU> Not PII

The source bundle sid to copy the item assignments from.

Example 1

        Only the create operation is available for the Replace Items resource as the operation is a one-time event. To perform the even again, a new Bundle Copy will need to be created and approved before the Replace Items operation event can be triggered. There is no GETs or DELETEs available for this resource.

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