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Getting Started: Phone Number Regulatory Compliance

Phone number regulatory compliance is required by each country's regulator due to a phone number being a national resource. Because phone numbers are a national resource, governments want to identify who the end-user of the phone number.

Number Regulatory Compliance Workflow

Public API Getting Started

The Public REST API Getting Started page is currently under development. Please check back soon.

Console Tutorial Getting Started

The Twilio Console Getting Started page shows the detailed steps on how to request a Phone Number Type with end-user Identity and supporting Documents to verify the Identity. Also, mapping Identities to a phone number to ensure that your phone numbers are compliant with the regulatory rules that Twilio has been required to satisfy, set forth by each country's regulators/carriers.

Finding an ID Getting Started

The How to Find an RI SID or an AD SID Getting Started page lists the steps to find an ID for a document or address in your account. The system uses these IDs to make sure we have the right regulatory information for you.

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