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Getting Started: Phone Number Regulatory Compliance

Phone number regulatory compliance is required by each country's regulator due to a phone number being a national resource. Because phone numbers are a national resource, governments want to identify who the end-user of the phone number.

Number Regulatory Compliance Workflow.

Public API Getting Started

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The Public REST API Getting Started page is currently under development. Please check back soon.

Console Tutorial Getting Started

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The Twilio Console Getting Started page shows the detailed steps on how to request a Phone Number Type with end-user Identity and supporting Documents to verify the Identity. Also, mapping Identities to a phone number to ensure that your phone numbers are compliant with the regulatory rules that Twilio has been required to satisfy, set forth by each country's regulators/carriers.

Finding an ID Getting Started

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The How to Find an RI SID or an AD SID Getting Started page lists the steps to find an ID for a document or address in your account. The system uses these IDs to make sure we have the right regulatory information for you.

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