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Console: Regulatory Compliance Report Getting Started

The Phone Number Regulatory Compliance Report Console is currently in Public Beta and changes will continue to be rolled out while Twilio strives to move Phone Number Regulatory Compliance to GA.

How it Works

The Phone Numbers Regulatory Compliance Report displays all your regulated phone numbers, the overall compliance status, and a quick link to individually map each phone number. The Regulatory Compliance Report will help you understand which of your phone numbers are in compliance, not in compliance, or require a compliance review by Twilio's regulatory reviewers.

Please read Twilio's Regulatory Compliance requirements to understand what supporting documents and information you must supply to ensure your phone numbers are compliant with local telephony regulations. For more information, please visit the Phone Number Regulatory FAQ.

Criteria for regulatory compliance mappings

There are two main components of Phone Number Regulatory Compliance - Proof of Identity and Proof of Address. Complying with phone number regulations consists of providing data and/or documentation so that you can prove your address and/or identity. The exact requirements depend on the type of phone number (e.g., tollfree vs. local) and the country of origin of the phone number.

Remember that there are two steps to compliance:

  • Provide your address and/or identity
  • Map, or link, your phone numbers to the appropriate address and identity.

We need to know which phone number goes with which address and identity. Don't forget that second step.

Status of regulatory compliance mappings

There are currently three statuses of a phone number's regulatory compliance mapping:

  1. Pending Review – the Proof of Identity and/or Proof of Address mapping to the phone number requires Twilio's review.
  2. Compliant – The Proof of Identity and/or Proof of Address mapping to the phone number has been verified by Twilio to be regulatory compliant.
  3. Not Compliant – The Proof of Identity and/or Proof of Address mapping to the phone number has been verified by Twilio to not be regulatory compliant.

Navigating the Compliance Report

To use the Phone Number Compliance Report for all your phone numbers that are regulated by the origin country's telephony regulator, navigate to the Compliance Report in the phone number's section of Console. To view the regulated phone numbers in your account and their current compliance status, first filter the results by the phone number country and phone number type. If you have regulated phone numbers in that country, the results will be listed on the page, as shown below.

In the left navigation bar, we see Phone Numbers expanded, then Regulatory compliance expanded, and Compliance report selected. In the main panel sits the compliance report, filtered for German phone numbers. We see the phone number (partially obscured), the friendly name and SID (obscured), status, and verification link.

When viewing the list of all the regulated phone numbers in your account and their compliance status, you can identify which phone numbers are marked as "non-compliant" that need your attention. Click on the Map to Identity Document and Address link to navigate to the regulatory information for that specific phone number. From there, you'll be able to choose which Identity and/or Address you should map to that specific phone number.

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