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How to Find an RI SID or an AD SID Getting Started

Sometimes you may need to find an ID for a document or address in your account. The system uses these IDs to make sure we have the right regulatory information for you.

An “RI SID” and an “AD SID” are identifiers linked to different parts of your account:

  • RI SID – A unique identifier for an identity document in your account
  • AD SID – A unique identifier for an address in your account

If you need to find an RI SID and/or an AD SID, just follow these steps:

  1. Log into the Console.
  2. Click on the phone number icon and then on the “Regulatory Compliance” button.

  3. To obtain an RI SID, click on the “Identities” link. You’ll fnd the RI SID underneath each identity document listed.

  4. To obtain an AD SID, click on the “Addresses” link.

  5. Then click on the address you want. The AD SID will be in the URL of your browser.

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