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Number Regulatory Compliance Pilot Public APIs

The Number Regulatory Compliance REST APIs are currently in a Public Pilot state and will be deprecated when the new v2 RC APIs are released to Public Beta on December 10th.

For access, please fill out the RC pilot request form.

Twilio's Phone Number Regulatory APIs help customers who wish to automate the phone number compliance process.

These APIs provide the functionality to apply for a phone number type with an Identity and end-user information, including supporting Documents. If there is an application for a phone number type that requires a Proof of Address, customers can create that link by utilizing both the Addresses object, as well as the supporting Documents object. Follow the links below to learn more about how to use the various pieces of these REST APIs.

Base URL

Identities REST API

See the full API documentation for Identities to learn more.

Documents Sub-resource REST API{IdentitySid}/Documents

See the full API documentation for Documents to learn more.

Proof of Address REST API

See the full API documentation for Proof of Address to learn more.

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