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Documents Pilot REST API

The Number Regulatory Compliance REST APIs are currently in a Public Pilot state. The new Regulatory Compliance APIs are under active development and will be debuted in Public Beta in September.

The Pilot Regulatory Compliance APIs will be deprecated when the new Regulatory Compliance APIs move to Public Beta. Please be mindful when building your application.

For access, please fill out the RC pilot request form.

Phone Numbers are a country's natural resource and may have regulations imposed by a given country's telephony regulatory body. To ensure the phone numbers provisioned to a customer's account or an account's end-users remain active, customers will need to comply with the varying levels of regulations. These regulations may require Proof of Identity and/or Address.

The Documents Public API resource allows management of support Documents to prove an end-user Identity to allow provisioning from a group of phone numbers with Identity and/or Address regulations.

Documents List Sub-Resource

The Documents list sub-resource represents a list of Identities that are active, passed, or failed with their associated metadata.

Resource URI{IdentitySid}/Documents

Resource Properties

Resource Property Description
friendly_name A string that you assign to describe this resource for Documents management. pii mtl-30.
sid A 34 character string defined by Twilio that uniquely identifies the Identity Document.

        HTTP POST

        Creates a new Document associated with an Identity. The Document will not have any metadata passed with it when uploaded in the short-term. Longer-term, there will be more intelligence where metadata will be required based on country and document type.


        Resource Parameter Description
        file The file to be uploaded to an Identity. The file should be no bigger than 5MB and must be one of the following: PNG, JPG, or PDF.
        friendly_name A string that that can be configured to describe the resource for Identity management. pii mtl-30
        first_name The first name of the individual or signatory of the end-user Identity.
        last_name The last name of the individual or signatory of the end-user Identity.
        company_name The company name of the end-user Identity.
        birth_date The birth date of the individual or signatory of the end-user Identity.
        birth_place The birthplace of the individual or signatory of the end-user Identity.
        nationality The document nationality support proof of Identity and/or address of the end-user Identity.
        title The title of the individual or signatory of the end-user Identity.
        number The document number.
        issue_date Issue date of the supporting Document.
        expiration_date Expiration date of the supporting Document.
        academic_degree The academic degree of the individual or signatory that is the end-user Identity.

              HTTP GET

              The list GET endpoint fetches a list of documents or bundle of Documents for a given Identity.

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