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Setup Multiple Teams or Messaging Services



Ability to setup multiple teams is available version 4.129 onwards

Now Twilio for Salesforce allows you to run SMS operations for multiple teams like Support, Sales, Marketing from within Salesforce while maintaining a separate pool of phone numbers for each team.

This is achieved by connecting each team created by you in Twilio for Salesforce app to a dedicated messaging service in your Twilio account. Also, you can mix and match this functionality with other functionalities like Personal Numbers and Default Messaging Service, to mimic multiple SMS operational team structures into you Salesforce Org

Setup a Team in Twilio for Salesforce

setup-a-team-in-twilio-for-salesforce page anchor
  • For each team which is going to need its own pool of numbers, we will need to setup a messaging service
  • We will do a sample setup for a Support Team

Step 1: Create a Messaging service in your Twilio Account(link takes you to an external page)

In your Twilio Account go to Messaging -> Services -> Click Create Messaging Service Button

Create Messaging Service.

Provide a name for the messaging service. In this case we will name it Support Team Messaging Service and Click Create Messaging Service

Create Messaging Service 2.

Add the phone numbers that Support team will use to send SMS by clicking Add Senders

Add Senders.

In Setup Integration step, please use the same Dummy Webhook, that is setup for the default messaging service

Step 2: Create a team in Twilio for Salesforce and map it to the messaging service we just created in the previous step

Open "Twilio Configuration" tab inside Salesforce. After opening the page, the system will fetch the messaging service from the Twilio account and create it as a Team inside salesforce automatically.

Twilio configuration.

In the above image, the messaging service which is selected under "Connect" section of "Twilio Configuration" tab will be consider as default messaging service and it can't be used as team.


Open the team record and update the Team Name(This name will be used throughout Twilio for Salesforce as the Team name) & Active check box(Only Active teams can be used in salesforce).

Active Team.

Please Note - 1 messaging service can be used only for 1 team. You will need to create a messaging service for each team.

Instructions to create a message service for each team.

Step 3: Add members to the team created in the previous step

  • Open the Team Record
  • Open Related Tab
  • Click New
Instructions to add members to a team.
  • Search and select the user to be added as team member
  • Click Save to add them as team member
Select a Salesforce User.

Repeat the above to add more Team and Team Members

Step 4: Make Active Team available for messaging component & configure the order

  • Open the "Twilio Configuration" tab
  • Navigate to the "Message Sender Selection Order" section
  • Move the team from the available section to the selected section & rearrange the order of the team. Click on the Save button. When the user will open 1:1 component then the team selection order will be displayed to the user as per the order configured here.
Team order.

Send Messages from a Team's messaging service

send-messages-from-a-teams-messaging-service page anchor
  • Go to Twilio for Salesforce 1:1 Messaging component
  • Type in your message
  • Click on the Send From Dropdown
  • Select the Support team from the dropdown and Click Send
  • Messages will be sent from one of the numbers in the Support team's messaging service
Instructions to send message to new team.

When customers respond, your incoming messages will be visible in 1:1 Messaging component and Inbox component



Twilio for Salesforce does not restrict the visibility of messages. Anyone with access to the Twilio Message object, can view all messages



While replying to customer messages please make sure the right team is selected in the Send From section before hitting the Send button

  • In 1:1 messaging component select either the Team filter or All filter to view the incoming messages to the team's phone number
  • Team Filters are visible to members of the team only. Other people can view the messages using the All message filter
Instructions to apply team filter.
  • You can select the team's view and incoming messages sent to team's phone number will be listed in Inbox
  • Team's view is shown to the members of the team only and is a common view shared across the team
Select team's view.

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