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Twilio for Salesforce FAQ

Does Twilio for Salesforce support Salesforce Classic?

Yes, Twilio for Salesforce can be embedded as a visualforce component in Salesforce Classic. Note that the Lightning utility bar used by the SMS inbox does not exist in Classic, however the inbox can still be viewed as a visualforce page.

What Salesforce object types are supported?

Twilio for Salesforce's Lightning Components support messaging from Contacts, Leads, Person Accounts, and Cases. Other standard Salesforce objects and custom objects are currently unsupported.

Which messages appear in the SMS inbox?

By default, only messages with a record that the current user owns will appear in the SMS inbox. Additionally, administrators can configure SMS inbox message visability in the Twilio Configuration page so that users have the option to "view all" messages. This setting turns the SMS inbox into a feed of all messages coming into the organization.

Even if a user is unable to view messages in the SMS inbox, they will still be able to go directly to the record and send SMS there.

Is it possible to have multiple conversations with a contact?

Currently Twilio for Salesforce only supports single-threaded conversations with a contact. Any person messaging from Salesforce will have the same number that was used to previously contact the customer.

The one exception to this rule is when "Personal Numbers" are enabled by an admin. In this case, a user with a personal number will send the outbound message from that number. Messages in the thread will display a "Sent from" and "Replied to" indicator, but the messages will remain in the same lightning component.

Can I allow users to see some messages but not others?

By default, visibility of the messages inherits from the record that the component is on. If the user can see the record, they will be able to see the SMS. It is not currently possible to have two users message the same contact and not see each other's messages.

It is possible to configure access to the SMS component on a per-user basis via the Twilio for Salesforce permission set.

How is message data stored?

Twilio for Salesforce stores message data in a custom object (TwilioSF_Message__c). One record is created per message. Additionally, messages are sent to Twilio and retained in our message logs.

What data is sent to Twilio?

Twilio for Salesforce uses the Twilio Programmable SMS API, as well as the Twilio Studio API. Information sent to Twilio includes the following fields:

  • From Number or Messaging Service SID
  • To Number
  • Message Body
  • Attachment URL (optional)

Additionally, each request uses the Twilio Account SID, Twilio API Key SID, and Twilio API Key Secret to authenticate. These credentials are generated in your Twilio console.

The "Send to Studio" Process Builder Action allows custom parameters to be sent to Twilio only if configured by an administrator. These parameters can be used to provide additional information to a Twilio Studio IVR or Chat flow.

Does Twilio for Salesforce integrate with Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Twilio for Salesforce does not integrate with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Does Twilio for Salesforce support voice calls?

Twilio for Salesforce's Lightning Components currently only support SMS, although voice calls can be made via Twilio's APIs via the APEX client.

What's New in Twilio for Salesforce Version 4?

1:1 Messaging

  • SMS inbox component

  • Supports sending and receiving images with MMS

  • Shows message delivery status

  • Tracks last message delivery status on contact

SMS Campaigns

  • See campaign potential deliverability

  • Send images in campaigns

  • Schedule campaign messages for future sends

Process Builder

  • Now supports initiating outbound chatbots / Voice IVRs with Twilio Studio


  • Schedule messages to be archived

  • Set personal phone numbers for Salesforce users

  • Determine if everyone can see all messages in the inbox, or just ones on leads/contacts that belong to them

Opt-In Handling (New)

  • Define an opt-in keyword that a user can text: creates a record that the user opted in

  • Associate a campaign with the opt-in keyword

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