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Flex Insights

Please note that Flex Insights Historical Reporting is currently available as a Public Beta release. Some features are not yet implemented and others may be changed before the product is declared as Generally Available. Beta products are not covered by a Twilio SLA. Learn more about beta product support.

Twilio Flex Insights provides insight into conversations between agents and customers. Out-of-the-box and custom data views let you drill down from top-level KPIs to individual conversation segments. If you're interested in building custom views, you can learn more in the developer documentation.

Flex Insights also gives Team Leaders and Supervisors the ability to assess conversations and provide feedback on performance.

Flex Insights Dashboards

Twilio Flex Insights is not a default feature. Enabling Insights requires that you switch to a paid plan. For more information, see Getting Started.

Dashboards and Reports

Flex Insights offers built-in dashboards for monitoring and managing KPIs that are critical for many contact centers.

You can also access the Analytics Portal, which allows you to create custom dashboards and reports tailored to the needs of your contact center.

The Analytics Portal includes the following features:

  • Extended analytical capabilities and custom metrics building
  • Flexible data exports
  • Scheduling of reports and dashboards for delivery to other users

Learn more about Dashboards and User Permissions required for creating custom dashboards and reports.

KPI Dashboards

KPI Dashboards let you build simple, device-responsive overviews of the critical measures in your contact center. You can also set alerts for KPI metrics to get notifications when thresholds are breached. This setup allows you to act only when your attention is needed, saving you time on regularly checking for updates.


Learn more about KPI Dashboards.

Analyze Insights Data

Analyze view provides drag-and-drop tools that allow you to create custom tables and charts based on any data available in Flex Insights.


Learn more about Analyze view.

Drill Down to Conversations

Flex Insights keeps data down to the individual conversation level. Whenever you see a trend, an outlier, or a change in a KPI, you can explore your findings granularly. Use the rich, visual conversations Player to navigate conversations swiftly.


Learn more about the conversations Player.

Provide Feedback and Assess Conversation Quality

Team Leaders and Supervisors can provide feedback to agents, comment on conversations, and assess conversation quality. Feedback and assessment data are added to Flex Insights so you can keep track of agent and contact center performance.

Flex WFO Assessment.png

Learn more about Assessments.

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