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Twilio Programmable Chat – Now Generally Available


Today we’re excited to announce that Programmable Chat has graduated from beta to general availability (GA). Formerly known as IP Messaging, Programmable Chat is Twilio’s full-featured SDK for adding feature rich chat to your mobile and web apps. Moving to general availability pulls the training wheels off, further improves performance, adds new features to our SDKs and REST API, and simplifies the pricing model. With these SDKs, customers have added chat to everything from customer support to interactive music video premier experiences.

During beta, businesses of all shapes and sizes added Programmable Chat to better facilitate their services. Enterprises like ING, one of the world’s largest banks, are rethinking their call centers and adding Programmable Chat to engage with customers the way they want to be reached. Used.CA uses chat to connect people to the sharing economy to buy, sell, and trade used goods and keep them out of the landfill.

General Availability: Production-ready

“General Availability” is more than just a term. It means that Programmable Chat passed through our rigorous Operational Maturity Model and was deployed at scale in a wide range of production environments and use cases. It’s earned our stamp of approval that anyone can build a prototype with the product, and scale to global production.

Programmable Chat now offers the following benefits:

  1. Elastic scale: Twilio’s cloud platform employs a horizontally-scalable, service-oriented architecture that can support the exponential growth of your app. This architecture allows up to 1,000 members in a channel and supports our customers’ production deployments with hundreds of thousands users.
  2. Secure by design: Data is securely stored in the Twilio cloud and encrypted in transit for end-to-end privacy. Granular access management for development keeps your chat deployments secure. Each of your developers gets a unique, revocable API key instead of sharing one master credential. Usage policies ensure everyone accesses only what they need.
  3. All the features you need to build chat in record time:
  • State sync: Typing indicators and read statuses are just the start. Allow users to begin reading where they left off when they log in from a different device. Twilio saves each user’s state and updates it automatically.
  • Progress markers: Know who has seen your message and who hasn’t. Progress markers update in real time to show how far others have read in the channel.
  • Keyword filtering: Send a webhook to your server to monitor when keywords or usernames are mentioned. Modify the message before delivery or trigger custom workflows.
  • Custom push notifications: Fully configurable iOS and & Android push notification allow users to mute specific channels, customize sounds for push notifications, utilize badge count support on iOS, and send mutable push content via iOS Service Extensions for iOS 10+ devices.
  • Secure storage: All message history is automatically stored in the cloud and accessible from any device anywhere in the world.

Simplified Pricing

One of the biggest challenges we heard from beta customers was estimating costs for their varied use cases. Most people think about messaging apps in terms of users and messages, but our early granular pricing model didn’t easily map to those concepts. That’s why we’ve simplified our pricing model to just users and messages. Here’s how pricing works now:

  • Every month, the first 50 users are free and then rates start at $0.02 per user.
  • Similarly, the first 1,000 messages each month are free and then $0.0008 per message.
  • Volume discounts will automatically kick in as your app scales.

That’s it.

Get started chatting

Now that you’re ready to start adding Programmable Chat to your application, here are some resources to help you get up and running:


Join us May 24-25th in San Francisco at SIGNAL, our annual developer conference, where you can meet the team that built Programmable Chat, learn to build a chat prototype yourself, and hear best practices from customers with production deployments. Sign up here for 20% off your SIGNAL registration using code Chat20.


We look forward to meeting you at SIGNAL, hearing your feedback, helping you with your app, and sharing how we’re continuing to make building in-app chat as easy as possible.


We can’t wait to see what you build with Chat!

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