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Service-Scoped Delivery Receipt Resource

Service-Scoped Delivery Receipts in Conversations provide visibility into the status of Service-Scoped Conversation Messages sent across different Conversations within a non-default Conversation Service.

Using Service-Scoped Delivery Receipts, you can verify that Messages have been sent, delivered, or even read (for OTT) by Conversations Participants within a non-default, service-scoped Conversation Service.


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All URLs in the reference documentation use the following base URL:


For Conversations applications that build on more than one Conversation Service instance, you will need to specify the Conversation Service SID in the REST API call:

GET /v1/Services/ISxx/Conversations/CHxx/Messages

ServiceConversationMessageReceipt Properties

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Resource properties
account_sidtype: SID<AC>Not PII

chat_service_sidtype: SID<IS>Not PII

The SID of the Conversation Service(link takes you to an external page) the Message resource is associated with.

conversation_sidtype: SID<CH>Not PII

The unique ID of the Conversation(link takes you to an external page) for this message.

message_sidtype: SID<IM>Not PII

The SID of the message within a Conversation(link takes you to an external page) the delivery receipt belongs to

sidtype: SID<DY>Not PII

A 34 character string that uniquely identifies this resource.

channel_message_sidtype: SIDNot PII

A messaging channel-specific identifier for the message delivered to participant e.g. SMxx for SMS, WAxx for Whatsapp etc.

participant_sidtype: SID<MB>Not PII

The unique ID of the participant the delivery receipt belongs to.

statustype: enum<STRING>Not PII

The message delivery status, can be read, failed, delivered, undelivered, sent or null.

Possible values:

error_codetype: integerNot PII

date_createdtype: string<DATE TIME>Not PII

The date that this resource was created.

date_updatedtype: string<DATE TIME>Not PII

The date that this resource was last updated. null if the delivery receipt has not been updated.

urltype: string<URI>Not PII

An absolute API resource URL for this delivery receipt.

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