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Service-Scoped Delivery Receipt Resource

Service-Scoped Delivery Receipts in Conversations provide visibility into the status of Service-Scoped Conversation Messages sent across different Conversations within a non-default Conversation Service.

Using Service-Scoped Delivery Receipts, you can verify that Messages have been sent, delivered, or even read (for OTT) by Conversations Participants within a non-default, service-scoped Conversation Service.


All URLs in the reference documentation use the following base URL:

For Conversations applications that build on more than one Conversation Service instance, you will need to specify the Conversation Service SID in the REST API call:

GET /v1/Services/ISxx/Conversations/CHxx/Messages

ServiceConversationMessageReceipt properties

Resource Properties in REST API format
sid<AC> Not PII

The unique ID of the Account responsible for this participant.

sid<IS> Not PII

The SID of the Conversation Service the Message resource is associated with.

sid<CH> Not PII

The unique ID of the Conversation for this message.

sid<IM> Not PII

The SID of the message within a Conversation the delivery receipt belongs to

sid<DY> Not PII

A 34 character string that uniquely identifies this resource.

sid Not PII

A messaging channel-specific identifier for the message delivered to participant e.g. SMxx for SMS, WAxx for Whatsapp etc.

sid<MB> Not PII

The unique ID of the participant the delivery receipt belongs to.

enum:delivery_status Not PII

The message delivery status, can be read, failed, delivered, undelivered, sent or null.

integer Not PII

The message delivery error code for a failed status,

date_time<iso8601> Not PII

The date that this resource was created.

date_time<iso8601> Not PII

The date that this resource was last updated. null if the delivery receipt has not been updated.

url Not PII

An absolute API resource URL for this delivery receipt.

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