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Authy: 2FA and Passwordless Login

As of November 2022, Twilio no longer provides support for Authy SMS/Voice-only customers. Customers who were also using Authy TOTP or Push prior to March 1, 2023 are still supported. The Authy API is now closed to new customers and will be fully deprecated in the future.

For new development, we encourage you to use the Verify v2 API.

Existing customers will not be impacted at this time until Authy API has reached End of Life. For more information about migration, see Migrating from Authy to Verify for SMS.

Authy helper libraries

So you don’t have to use the Authy API directly to integrate two-factor authentication into your app, we provide a helper library for common web languages. If your language is supported, it’s the fastest way to get started. Here are the current libraries:

API reference

Authy application

The Authy app is our free application for time-based one-time passcodes. It’s available for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux.


To find out about Authy pricing, check out our pricing page or reach out to sales.

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