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Verify vs. Authy

The Verify API is a consolidated version of earlier versions of our phone verification and 2FA APIs.

We strongly encourage you to use the Verify API for all new development.




Verify API

Phone, email, and device-based verification, multi channel support for two-factor authentication (2FA), passwordless login.

SMS, Voice, Email, TOTP, Push and Silent Device Approval, WhatsApp, Silent Network Auth

Authy API

Older version of the Verify API.

Please use Verify for new use cases except those requiring Authy App push.

Authy App push

Twilio Authy App

Free consumer application for TOTP.

Get started with Verify


Is the Authy API going away?

We plan to continue supporting the Authy API, but new development and features will be on the Verify API.

Will Authy App Push be supported by Verify?

Yes, we plan to integrate the Verify Push API with the Authy Apps.

Will other channels be supported by Verify?

Please reach out if you have other specific channel requests.

How does this affect the Twilio Authy app?

The Authy App is not going away. We are committed to growing, developing, and supporting the Twilio Authy app as a consumer application and as a complement to our work on the Verify API.

More questions?

Get in touch to discuss your application needs and how to use Twilio for account security.

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