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Authy Return and Error Codes



As of November 2022, Twilio no longer provides support for Authy SMS/Voice-only customers. Customers who were also using Authy TOTP or Push prior to March 1, 2023 are still supported. The Authy API is now closed to new customers and will be fully deprecated in the future.

For new development, we encourage you to use the Verify v2 API.

Existing customers will not be impacted at this time until Authy API has reached End of Life. For more information about migration, see Migrating from Authy to Verify for SMS(link takes you to an external page).

As a RESTful API, Twilio's Authy API will return HTTP responses and error codes which will help verify normal behavior as well as contextualize exceptions.

Return Codes

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The following status codes are used:

200: OK Response is correct. The body of the response will include the data requested.

400: Bad Request There was an error with the request. The body of the response will have more info.

401: Unauthorized Token is invalid. If your API key is wrong a 401 will be generated. Please check the API key.

429: Too Many Requests API usage limit. If you reach API usage limits, a 429 will be returned. Please wait until you pass the limit and attempt the call again.

503: Service Unavailable There are multiple possible reasons for a HTTP 503 error.

  • Internal Twilio error.
  • Your application is accessing an API call you don't have access to.

When the API returns a status other than 200, we add an error code in the message body. This table enumerates and describes all of the possible error codes.

Error CodeHTTP StatusError MessageDescriptionCategory
60000400An error occurredDefault error message when an error is not configured correctly.ALL
60001401Invalid API keyWhen the given API key does not correspond to any Authy appALL
60002400Invalid requestA request containing invalid parameters or invalid dataALL
60003429DoS protectionClient has reached the maximum number of requests per time unit on the given endpointALL
60004400Invalid parameterThe given parameter is not validALL
60005400UTF-8 invalidClient sending request with UTF-8 invalid charactersALL
60006503Phone calls are not enabled on this accountThe application has not enabled phone calls (they can do that from the dashboard)TOTP
60007503SMS is not enabledThe application has disabled sms (they can do that from the dashboard)TOTP
60008403Your account is suspendedThe account has been suspended on Twilio side or for internal reasonTOTP
60009429Monthly SMS limit reachedApplication has reached monthly sms limitTOTP
60010429Daily SMS limit reachedApplication has reached daily sms limitTOTP
60011429Monthly Phone Calls limit reachedApplication has reached monthly phone calls limitTOTP
60012429Daily Phone Calls limit reachedApplication has reached daily phone calls limitTOTP
60013503Country code is bannedRequest cannot be completed because the country code is bannedTOTP
60014503Call was not startedAn error occurred while making the phone callTOTP
60015503SMS token was not sentThe sms TOTP could not be sent, internal errorTOTP
60016401User doesn't existThe given user id does not correspond to any userTOTP
60017503User suspendedThe action cannot be completed because the user has been suspendedTOTP
60018503User disabledThe action cannot be completed because the user's device has been suspendedTOTP
60019401Token reusedThe token given was used previously, it does not work twiceTOTP
60020401Token invalidThe token given was not validTOTP
60021403Phone verification couldn't be createdAn error occurring creating phone verificationPhone Verification
60022401Verification code is incorrectThe phone verification code was incorrectPhone Verification
60023404Phone verification not foundThe phone verification was not found with the parameters givenPhone Verification
60024403Couldn't get phone informationFetching phone info failedPhone Intelligence
60025503Server error while querying phone information. Please try again laterInternal error while querying phone info.Phone Intelligence
60026404User doesn't existThe given user id does not correspond to any userUsers
60027400User was not validThe user is invalid, it cannot be storedUsers
60028403The user cannot be deletedThere was an error deleting the userUsers
60029403Activity couldn't be createdThere was an error creating the activity for the userUsers
60030400You are not passing the user params correctlyUser parameters are incorrectUsers
60031403Action not authorizedCustomer has not an authorization to complete the actionUsers
60032400SMS was not foundUsed by the Feedback API, when a record cannot be found with the given SMS idFeedback
60033400Phone number is invalidThe phone number or country code is invalidALL
60034400Invalid registration requestThere was an error creating the registration requestRegistration
60035404Registration request not foundThe registration request was not found with the parameters givenRegistration
60036401Invalid registration PINThe registration PIN received is incorrectRegistration
60037403Registration request expiredThe registration request expires after 1 hourRegistration
60038403Email is invalidUser entered an invalid emailTOTP
60042400Either UUID or country_code and phone number are requiredInvalid parameters in phone verificationPhone Verification
60046400Missing dashboard account ids to processaccounts ids required to be processedDashboard
60047403Invalid API key. Confirm your API key by going to takes you to an external page)When a request comes with Twilio API key rather than Authy API keyTOTP
60049404Onetouch Approval request not foundOnetouch Approval request not foundOnetouch
60050404Onetouch Unregistered userApplication has not added a userOnetouch
60051404Onetouch device not foundUser does not have onetouch device for a given applicationOnetouch
60052400An error ocurred sending the approval request. Internal connection errorCommunication error with onetouch serviceOnetouch
60053400An error ocurred sending the approval requestWhen can not create an approval requestOnetouch
60054400An error occurred on approval requestWhen approval request is not pending and receive an approve requestOnetouch
60055400An error occurred notifying customerWhen onetouch approval request could not be notified to the userOnetouch
60056505You must use HTTPS protocol to use this APIAll requests in production should be through httpsTOTP
60057503Your account has been suspended temporarilyThis is responded when a user exceeds rate limits usageTOTP
60058404Phone number not foundPhone number not foundTOTP
60059404Phone number is invalidWhen a phone number is not validTOTP
60060503Your account is suspendedTwilio account is suspendedPhone Verification
60061503Your application is suspendedYour application is suspendedTOTP
60063403Disallowed IP addressIp is banned to use public endpointsTOTP
60066403Error saving the callback informationWhen application settings can't be updated with callback informationDashboard
60068401Can not update device in registrationIn device registration device was invalid could not save changes in deviceRegistration
60069400Access key can not be savedAccess key invalid on creationDashboard
60070400Application was not validApplication was not valid on create or updateDashboard
60071404Access key not foundAccess key not foundDashboard
60072404Invalid access keyThe access key is wrongDashboard
60073400Invalid application API keyApplication API Key is wrongDashboard
60074400Access key doesn't have enough permissionsThe given access key doesn't have enough permissions to access the URLDashboard
60079400Approval request is not pendingCannot execute the action because approval request is not pendingOnetouch
60080400Approval request is invalidApproval request cannot be saved, it's invalidOnetouch
60082403Can not send SMS to landline phone numbersWhen trying to send an SMS to a landline phone numberPhone Verification
60083403Phone number not provisioned with any carrierWhen trying to send a phone verification to a not provisioned phone numberPhone Verification
60086403JWT Token expiredToken expired for phone change or phone reset process
60089400Invalid queryThe given query is invalid
60091400Custom message is not allowedTrying to use a custom message when the flag is disabled
60092404Device not foundUsed when deleting SDK devices, if the id is not found or the device is not SDK only
60093401An error occurred, the device was not deletedAn error occurred destroying an SDK device (this should not happen)
60094400The given interval is invalidFor the reporting API when passing an invalid interval
60095400The given report definition is invalidFor the reporting API when passing an invalid "report" param
60096500The given query failed to processFor reporting API
60098403Webhook could not be createdWhen an error occurs creating a webhook using the lambda function.
60099403Webhooks cannot be listedWhen an error occurs listing webhooks using the lambda function.
60100403Webhook could not be deletedWhen an error occurs deleting a webhook using the lambda function
60101400JWT token is invalidWhen the JWT is invalid it can't be decoded
60102503An error occurred saving the certificateAn error occurs when a push certificate is being created
60103400Platform for push notification not recognizedCurrently, we only support GCM and APN. Attempting to upload certs for other platforms will raise this error
60104400Invalid push certs for the platformWhen the push cert is invalid (e.g. development APN cert without the sandbox flag)
60108400Channel type is not supported by the deviceA valid channel is one of SMS, call, push, totp_app
60109404Authentication method not foundAuthentication method not found
60110503Authentication method can not be createdAuthentication method can not be created
60111404Authentication not foundAuthentication not found
60115403Target number has opted out.SMS not sent because the phone number is in the Opt-Out list for the application
60116400Given parameters do not match JWT payloadThe HTTP parameters are expected to be the same as the JWT payload
60118403Code is invalidReturned when the code verification in the new 2FA is invalid
60119403User without PII is requiredReturned when the given user has PII information
60120429Too many SMS per minuteReturned when trying to send more than 3 SMS per minute to a user
60121403Invalid SMSReturned when trying to send SMS and it is invalid
60122500QR Code generation failedAn error happened to generate the image
60123403No generic tokens enabledThe application does not have Generic Tokens enabled
60124404Account not foundReturned when the account is not found
60126400Verification code can not be sent because of delivery report errorAfter an HLR query, we detected we can not deliver the verification code
60127403User is going through the deletion processAny request depending on a user that's being deleted
60128400User was deletedAny request depending on a user that was deleted
60131401Unable to confirm user deletionReturned when trying to create a DeleteUserRequest but failed
60133403Canadian number. Further authorization required - contact our Support Team(link takes you to an external page)More information: Twilio Lookups API is Not Returning Carrier Data for Canadian Phone Numbers(link takes you to an external page)Phone Intelligence
60134500An error occurred deleting the certificatesWhile deleting or anonymizing an app we call the Notify API to delete the service and the credentials for this App
60135403User account is blocked, unblock the account to request the deletionWhen requesting a self-deletion, if the account is blocked this error is shown
60136403Cannot delete this account because you previously created an Authy app. In order to continue, you first need to delete all of the Authy apps at takes you to an external page)If a user owns Authy App the deletion can not start
60142400Transaction details can not have empty valuesTransaction details and hidden details can not have empty values
60143403The account was already registeredThe account was already registered
60144403Something went wrong while registering the accountSomething went wrong while registering the account

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