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Authy Return and Error Codes

As of November 2022, Twilio no longer provides support for Authy SMS/Voice-only customers. Customers who were also using Authy TOTP or Push prior to March 1, 2023 are still supported. The Authy API is now closed to new customers and will be fully deprecated in the future.

For new development, we encourage you to use the Verify v2 API.

Existing customers will not be impacted at this time until Authy API has reached End of Life. For more information about migration, see Migrating from Authy to Verify for SMS.

As a RESTful API, Twilio's Authy API will return HTTP responses and error codes which will help verify normal behavior as well as contextualize exceptions.

Return Codes

The following status codes are used:

200: OK Response is correct. The body of the response will include the data requested.

400: Bad Request There was an error with the request. The body of the response will have more info.

401: Unauthorized Token is invalid. If your API key is wrong a 401 will be generated. Please check the API key.

429: Too Many Requests API usage limit. If you reach API usage limits, a 429 will be returned. Please wait until you pass the limit and attempt the call again.

503: Service Unavailable There are multiple possible reasons for a HTTP 503 error.

  • Internal Twilio error.
  • Your application is accessing an API call you don't have access to.

Error Codes

When the API returns a status other than 200, we add an error code in the message body. This table enumerates and describes all of the possible error codes.

Error Code HTTP Status Error Message Description Category
60000 400 An error occurred

Default error message when an error is not configured correctly.

60001 401 Invalid API key When the given API key does not correspond to any Authy app ALL
60002 400 Invalid request A request containing invalid parameters or invalid data ALL
60003 429 DoS protection Client has reached the maximum number of requests per time unit on the given endpoint ALL
60004 400 Invalid parameter The given parameter is not valid ALL
60005 400 UTF-8 invalid Client sending request with UTF-8 invalid characters ALL
60006 503 Phone calls are not enabled on this account The application has not enabled phone calls (they can do that from the dashboard) TOTP
60007 503 SMS is not enabled The application has disabled sms (they can do that from the dashboard) TOTP
60008 403 Your account is suspended The account has been suspended on Twilio side or for internal reason TOTP
60009 429 Monthly SMS limit reached Application has reached monthly sms limit TOTP
60010 429 Daily SMS limit reached Application has reached daily sms limit TOTP
60011 429 Monthly Phone Calls limit reached Application has reached monthly phone calls limit TOTP
60012 429 Daily Phone Calls limit reached Application has reached daily phone calls limit TOTP
60013 503 Country code is banned Request cannot be completed because the country code is banned TOTP
60014 503 Call was not started An error occurred while making the phone call TOTP
60015 503 SMS token was not sent The sms TOTP could not be sent, internal error TOTP
60016 401 User doesn't exist The given user id does not correspond to any user TOTP
60017 503 User suspended The action cannot be completed because the user has been suspended TOTP
60018 503 User disabled The action cannot be completed because the user's device has been suspended TOTP
60019 401 Token reused The token given was used previously, it does not work twice TOTP
60020 401 Token invalid The token given was not valid TOTP
60021 403 Phone verification couldn't be created An error occurring creating phone verification Phone Verification
60022 401 Verification code is incorrect The phone verification code was incorrect Phone Verification
60023 404 Phone verification not found The phone verification was not found with the parameters given Phone Verification
60024 403 Couldn't get phone information Fetching phone info failed Phone Intelligence
60025 503 Server error while querying phone information. Please try again later Internal error while querying phone info. Phone Intelligence
60026 404 User doesn't exist The given user id does not correspond to any user Users
60027 400 User was not valid The user is invalid, it cannot be stored Users
60028 403 The user cannot be deleted There was an error deleting the user Users
60029 403 Activity couldn't be created There was an error creating the activity for the user Users
60030 400 You are not passing the user params correctly User parameters are incorrect Users
60031 403 Action not authorized Customer has not an authorization to complete the action Users
60032 400 SMS was not found Used by the Feedback API, when a record cannot be found with the given SMS id Feedback
60033 400 Phone number is invalid The phone number or country code is invalid ALL
60034 400 Invalid registration request There was an error creating the registration request Registration
60035 404 Registration request not found The registration request was not found with the parameters given Registration
60036 401 Invalid registration PIN The registration PIN received is incorrect Registration
60037 403 Registration request expired The registration request expires after 1 hour Registration
60038 403 Email is invalid User entered an invalid email TOTP
60042 400 Either UUID or country_code and phone number are required Invalid parameters in phone verification Phone Verification
60046 400 Missing dashboard account ids to process accounts ids required to be processed Dashboard
60047 403 Invalid API key. Confirm your API key by going to When a request comes with Twilio API key rather than Authy API key TOTP
60049 404 Onetouch Approval request not found Onetouch Approval request not found Onetouch
60050 404 Onetouch Unregistered user Application has not added a user Onetouch
60051 404 Onetouch device not found User does not have onetouch device for a given application Onetouch
60052 400 An error ocurred sending the approval request. Internal connection error Communication error with onetouch service Onetouch
60053 400 An error ocurred sending the approval request When can not create an approval request Onetouch
60054 400 An error occurred on approval request When approval request is not pending and receive an approve request Onetouch
60055 400 An error occurred notifying customer When onetouch approval request could not be notified to the user Onetouch
60056 505 You must use HTTPS protocol to use this API All requests in production should be through https TOTP
60057 503 Your account has been suspended temporarily This is responded when a user exceeds rate limits usage TOTP
60058 404 Phone number not found Phone number not found TOTP
60059 404 Phone number is invalid When a phone number is not valid TOTP
60060 503 Your account is suspended Twilio account is suspended Phone Verification
60061 503 Your application is suspended Your application is suspended TOTP
60063 403 Disallowed IP address Ip is banned to use public endpoints TOTP
60066 403 Error saving the callback information When application settings can't be updated with callback information Dashboard
60068 401 Can not update device in registration In device registration device was invalid could not save changes in device Registration
60069 400 Access key can not be saved Access key invalid on creation Dashboard
60070 400 Application was not valid Application was not valid on create or update Dashboard
60071 404 Access key not found Access key not found Dashboard
60072 404 Invalid access key The access key is wrong Dashboard
60073 400 Invalid application API key Application API Key is wrong Dashboard
60074 400 Access key doesn't have enough permissions The given access key doesn't have enough permissions to access the URL Dashboard
60079 400 Approval request is not pending Cannot execute the action because approval request is not pending Onetouch
60080 400 Approval request is invalid Approval request cannot be saved, it's invalid Onetouch
60082 403 Can not send SMS to landline phone numbers When trying to send an SMS to a landline phone number Phone Verification
60083 403 Phone number not provisioned with any carrier When trying to send a phone verification to a not provisioned phone number Phone Verification
60086 403 JWT Token expired Token expired for phone change or phone reset process
60089 400 Invalid query The given query is invalid
60091 400 Custom message is not allowed Trying to use a custom message when the flag is disabled
60092 404 Device not found Used when deleting SDK devices, if the id is not found or the device is not SDK only
60093 401 An error occurred, the device was not deleted An error occurred destroying an SDK device (this should not happen)
60094 400 The given interval is invalid For the reporting API when passing an invalid interval
60095 400 The given report definition is invalid For the reporting API when passing an invalid "report" param
60096 500 The given query failed to process For reporting API
60098 403 Webhook could not be created When an error occurs creating a webhook using the lambda function.
60099 403 Webhooks cannot be listed When an error occurs listing webhooks using the lambda function.
60100 403 Webhook could not be deleted When an error occurs deleting a webhook using the lambda function
60101 400 JWT token is invalid When the JWT is invalid it can't be decoded
60102 503 An error occurred saving the certificate An error occurs when a push certificate is being created
60103 400 Platform for push notification not recognized Currently, we only support GCM and APN. Attempting to upload certs for other platforms will raise this error
60104 400 Invalid push certs for the platform When the push cert is invalid (e.g. development APN cert without the sandbox flag)
60108 400 Channel type is not supported by the device A valid channel is one of SMS, call, push, totp_app
60109 404 Authentication method not found Authentication method not found
60110 503 Authentication method can not be created Authentication method can not be created
60111 404 Authentication not found Authentication not found
60115 403 Target number has opted out. SMS not sent because the phone number is in the Opt-Out list for the application
60116 400 Given parameters do not match JWT payload The HTTP parameters are expected to be the same as the JWT payload
60118 403 Code is invalid Returned when the code verification in the new 2FA is invalid
60119 403 User without PII is required Returned when the given user has PII information
60120 429 Too many SMS per minute Returned when trying to send more than 3 SMS per minute to a user
60121 403 Invalid SMS Returned when trying to send SMS and it is invalid
60122 500 QR Code generation failed An error happened to generate the image
60123 403 No generic tokens enabled The application does not have Generic Tokens enabled
60124 404 Account not found Returned when the account is not found
60126 400 Verification code can not be sent because of delivery report error After an HLR query, we detected we can not deliver the verification code
60127 403 User is going through the deletion process

Any request depending on a user that's being deleted

60128 400 User was deleted

Any request depending on a user that was deleted

60131 401 Unable to confirm user deletion

Returned when trying to create a DeleteUserRequest but failed

60133 403 Canadian number. Further authorization required – contact our Support Team

More information: Twilio Lookups API is Not Returning Carrier Data for Canadian Phone Numbers

Phone Intelligence
60134 500 An error occurred deleting the certificates While deleting or anonymizing an app we call the Notify API to delete the service and the credentials for this App
60135 403 User account is blocked, unblock the account to request the deletion When requesting a self-deletion, if the account is blocked this error is shown
60136 403 Cannot delete this account because you previously created an Authy app. In order to continue, you first need to delete all of the Authy apps at If a user owns Authy App the deletion can not start
60142 400 Transaction details can not have empty values Transaction details and hidden details can not have empty values
60143 403 The account was already registered The account was already registered
60144 403 Something went wrong while registering the account Something went wrong while registering the account
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