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Export API for Authy User Phone Numbers



As of November 2022, Twilio no longer provides support for Authy SMS/Voice-only customers. Customers who were also using Authy TOTP or Push prior to March 1, 2023 are still supported. The Authy API is now closed to new customers and will be fully deprecated in the future.

For new development, we encourage you to use the Verify v2 API.

Existing customers will not be impacted at this time until Authy API has reached End of Life. For more information about migration, see Migrating from Authy to Verify for SMS(link takes you to an external page).



This API is only available for customers who intend to migrate Authy users from the Authy API to the Verify API.



By default, customers do not have access to this API endpoint. To request access, please contact support team.(link takes you to an external page)

Request phone number details

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We need to pass X-Authy-API-Key header for protected endpoints.


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authy_idIntegerUnique identifier of the user.
phone_numberStringPhone number of the user without country code.
country_codeStringInternational calling prefix.
e164StringFull phone number in E164 format.
updated_atDateTimeLast update of the user in ISO-8601 format.

Listing phone number detail for user with authy_id: 1.

curl -H "X-Authy-API-Key: <api_key>" \

Sample response

"phone_number": "444-555-6666",
"country_code": "1",
"e164": "+14445556666",
"updated_at": "2021-12-09T15:41:20Z"

The following are the status codes supported by this API.

200: Request was successful.

400: When the request was invalid.

404: When the resource was not found.

500: Internal server error.

The following are the some of error codes supported by this API.

60026: User not found.

60154: Phone number export disabled.

60003: DoS protected.

When the API returns a status other than 200, we add an error code in the message response body. For further information, please check the error codes page for a complete list of possible errors.

Supported response format

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Presently we support only JSON format.

Below are usage limits for this API

By user3 per month
By app1500 per minute

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