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This event is triggered when a OneTouch request is either accepted or rejected by the user.

one_touch_request_responded is a OneTouch event, and will be generated for OneTouch usage.

Event attributes

event The name of the event The Twilio ID of the account The authentication application being used by the device; this will be authy, a custom branded customer app name, or an SDK-based app name The ID of the customer app The type of the customer app; either full or trial
objects.onetouch_request.s_device_geolocation The device’s geolocation
objects.onetouch_request.s_device_signing_time The datetime when the device signed the request
objects.onetouch_request.s_errors A list of errors created when creating or updating the request; may be empty
objects.onetouch_request.i_expiration_timestamp The date when the OneTouch request will expire
objects.onetouch_request.i_seconds_to_expire The number of seconds remaining before the request expires
objects.onetouch_request.s_status The status of the OneTouch request; possible values are- pending, approved, denied, or expired
objects.onetouch_request.s_uuid The ID of the OneTouch request
objects.user.s_authy_id The user’s Authy ID
objects.user.as_authy_ids A list of Authy IDs associated with a user; a user may have multiple Authy IDs if they created and then merged multiple accounts
objects.user.b_banned Whether or not the user is banned
objects.user.s_country_code The country code of the user’s phone number
objects.user.s_locale The locale of the user
objects.user.s_phone_number The user’s phone number The unique ID of the request
request.ip The IP address where the request originated
time The datetime when the event happened
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