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This event is triggered when a user enters an invalid phone verification code.

phone_verification_code_is_invalid is a Phone Verification event, and will be generated for Phone Verification usage.

Event attributes

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eventThe name of the event Twilio ID of the account authentication application being used by the device; this will be authy, a custom branded customer app name, or an SDK-based app name ID of the customer app type of the customer app; either full or trial
objects.phone_verification.i_code_lengthThe length of the phone verification code
objects.phone_verification.s_country_codeThe country code of the phone number being verified
objects.phone_verification.s_idThe ID of the phone verification
objects.phone_verification.s_line_typeThe type of line of the phone number; possible values are- voip, mobile, landline
objects.phone_verification.s_localeThe locale of the phone being verified
objects.phone_verification.s_mccmncThe mobile country code, mobile network code
objects.phone_verification.s_phone_numberThe phone number being verified
objects.phone_verification.i_seconds_to_expireThe number of seconds remaining to expire the request; this is relative to the time that the event was created
objects.phone_verification.s_statusThe status of the phone verification; possible values are- verified, expired, or pending
objects.phone_verification.s_viaThe method being used to verify the phone number; possible values are- sms or call
request.idThe unique ID of the request
request.ipThe IP address where the request originated
timeThe datetime when the event happened

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