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This event is triggered when the unlock method setting in the Authy app on the specific device is changed

unlock_method_changed is a User event, and will be generated when the user changes the unlock method setting in the Authy app on the specific device

Event attributes

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eventThe name of the event Twilio ID of the account authentication application being used by the device; this will be authy, a custom branded customer app name, or an SDK-based app name ID of the customer app type of the customer app; either full or trial
objects.device.s_creation_dateThe date when the device was created
objects.device.s_device_appThe authentication application which was used to enroll the device; this will be authy, a white-label customer app name, or an SDK-based app name
objects.device.s_device_typeThe device's type; possible values are- unknown, android, iphone, ipad, ipod, iwatch, android_tablet, ios, chrome, blackberry
objects.device.as_enabled_unlock_methodsThe unlock methods that are enabled for the device pin, fingerprint, touchid, faceid, password
objects.device.s_last_unlock_method_usedThe last unlock method that was successfully used on the device
objects.device.t_last_unlock_dateThe time when the last unlock method was successfully used on the device
objects.device.s_errorsA list of errors created when updating or creating a device; may be empty
objects.device.s_idThe ID of the device
objects.device.s_ipThe last known IP of the device
objects.device.s_last_used_dateThe last date when the device was used
objects.device.s_nameThe name of the device
objects.device.s_sync_dateThe sync date of the device; set when an authentication application is opened
objects.device.s_user_agentThe device's user agent
objects.device.s_versionThe version of the app running this device
objects.user.s_authy_idThe user's Authy ID
objects.user.as_authy_idsA list of Authy IDs associated with a user; a user may have multiple Authy IDs if they created and then merged multiple accounts
objects.user.b_bannedWhether or not the user is banned
objects.user.s_country_codeThe country code of the user's phone number
objects.user.s_localeThe locale of the user
objects.user.s_phone_numberThe user's phone number
objects.user.t_multidevice_updated_atThe time when the multidevice toggle in the Authy app was changed
request.idThe unique ID of the request
request.ipThe IP address where the request originated
timeThe datetime when the event happened

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