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This event is triggered when a phone number is successfully changed.

user_phone_changed is an admin/user event , and will be generated for OneCode, SoftToken, and OneTouch users.

Event attributes

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eventThe name of the event Twilio ID of the account authentication application being used by the device; this will be authy, a custom branded customer app name, or an SDK-based app name ID of the customer app type of the customer app; either full or trial
objects.device.s_creation_dateThe date when the device was created
objects.device.s_device_appThe authentication application which was used to enroll the device; this will be authy, a white-label customer app name, or an SDK-based app name
objects.device.s_device_typeThe device's type; possible values are- unknown, android, iphone, ipad, ipod, iwatch, android_tablet, ios, chrome, blackberry
objects.device.s_errorsA list of errors created when updating or creating a device; may be empty
objects.device.s_idThe ID of the device
objects.device.s_ipThe last known IP of the device
objects.device.s_last_used_dateThe last date when the device was used
objects.device.s_nameThe name of the device
objects.device.s_sync_dateThe sync date of the device; set when an authentication application is opened
objects.device.s_user_agentThe device's user agent
objects.device.s_versionThe version of the app running this device
objects.user.s_authy_idThe user's Authy ID
objects.user.as_authy_idsA list of Authy IDs associated with a user; a user may have multiple Authy IDs if they created and then merged multiple accounts
objects.user.b_bannedWhether or not the user is banned
objects.user.s_country_codeThe country code of the user's phone number
objects.user.s_localeThe locale of the user
objects.user.s_phone_numberThe user's phone number
request.idThe unique ID of the request
request.ipThe IP address where the request originated
timeThe datetime when the event happened

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