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Authy Two-factor Authentication Quickstarts

Twilio's Authy API is the fastest way to add a second factor of authentication to your web application. Tacking something you have to the something you know of a password provides a huge step up in security while minimizing the disruption for your users.

Here we've collected two-factor authentication quickstarts in various web programming languages. In each, we'll guide you down the fastest path to two-factor while incorporating security and programming language best practices.

Two-factor Authentication Quickstarts

Our web programming language quickstarts build out our example application which incorporates Two-factor Authentication across four channels: SMS, voice, soft token, and push authentication. Note that soft token and push authentication demos will require the Authy app.

Authenticator SDK Quickstart

Our Authenticator SDK allows you to easily build your own two-factor authentication client for iOS or Android. It facilitates easily adding time based one-time-password (TOTP) or push authentication support in your own mobile app.

What's Next?

You can find a detailed description of all of the concepts and code in our Authy API Reference. Got two-factor properly protecting your quickstart app? Twilio will help you with your complete account security flow. Verify users have the number they claim or look-up phone number carrier and type.

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