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Authy: 2FA and Passwordless Login

Authy is the fastest way to add two-factor authentication or passwordless login to your app. Secure your users’ accounts with high-security checks during logins and step-up transactions to ensure you’re letting the right person in. Easy support for SMS, Voice, OTP, and Push Authentication channels. Let’s get building.

Get Started with Authy Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

All you need is an API Key and a developer environment to get started. Grab your credentials from the Authy Console, create a new Application and API Key while you're there, then code in the language of your choice.

Helper Libraries

Instead of using the Authy API directly to integrate two-factor authentication into your app, we provide a helper library for common web languages. If your language is supported, it's the fastest way to get started.

Build Your App

You've got an app in mind or an app already built and you want to increase security. These Authy API Reference Docs and guides will make your security integration simple.

API Reference

Authy Posts

Advanced Authy Features

Use classic two-factor authentication channels SMS and Voice or more secure methods such as push authentication and soft tokens. The Authy Client and Authentication SDK make the journey easy.

Once you’ve started integrating Authy to your application, read our two-factor authentication best practices for help keeping everything smooth. Increase user trust, gate risky transactions, and add features such as passwordless login.

Implementation Docs

Two-factor Authentication Channels

User Facing Authentication

Account Security Products

Twilio will help you with your complete account security flow. Verify users have the number they claim or look-up phone number carrier and type.

For pricing on Authy, check out our pricing page or reach out to sales.

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