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The Twilio Salesforce Helper Library

The Twilio Salesforce Helper Library is no longer actively maintained. You may encounter difficulties when using it with some features of Twilio's API. Instead, see the Twilio for Salesforce package which includes an updated helper library.

The twilio-salesforce helper library lets you write Apex code to make HTTP requests to the Twilio API.

This library is open source, so if you find a feature missing or a bug, we encourage you to contribute back to the twilio-salesforce project hosted on Github.

More Documentation

Refer to the open source twilio-salesforce specific documentation for more details about the functions and classes contained in the library.


We've made it easy to get started. Just grab the code from GitHub and deploy it to your Salesforce org with the included Ant script.

Quick Install

If you do not have the existing Twilio-Salesforce library installed, you can use this unmanaged package to install.

If you have a previous version of Twilio-Salesforce library installed, you will need to use Ant to install/update:

  1. Checkout or download the twilio-salesforce library from GitHub.
$ git clone git@github.com:twilio/twilio-salesforce.git
  1. Install the Force.com Migration Tool plugin for Ant, if you don't already have it.
  2. Edit install/build.properties to insert your Salesforce username and password. Since you will be using the API to access Salesforce, remember to append your Security Token to your password.
  3. Open your command line to the install folder, then deploy using Ant:
$ ant deployTwilio

Now all the library code is in your org and you're ready to start coding!

Using the Module

Refer to the twilio-salesforce specific documentation for details about the classes and methods contained in the library.

Getting Help

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