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Activity Based Routing

TaskRouter gives you the option to evaluate against worker Activity state.

worker.activity_name in ['Generally Available', 'High Value Tasks']

This allows you to target or exclude agents based on the Activity that they are in.

With activity-based routing, you can:

  • Route high-value Tasks to Workers even when they are scheduled to not receive general Tasks.
  • Transfer Tasks to Agents who are in Activities that are excluded from routing.
  • Designate an Activity that allows an agent to only accept a particular type of task.

Expression Syntax

You can write TaskRouter Expressions using Activity Name or Activity SIDs, and you can compare against a single value or an array of values.

Activity Description
worker.activity_name The Friendly Name of the Activity Resource
worker.activity_sid The SID of the Activity Resource

Operator Description
== Compares to a single Activity Name or SID
in Checks if the value is in an array of Activity Names or SIDs

You can mix and match these Activity references and operators to create various expressions, like:

Look for a match in an array of friendly names

worker.activity_name in ['Generally Available', 'High Value Tasks']

Check for equality with an activity SID



High Value Task Routing

This example contains two expressions:

  1. TaskRouter should route general Tasks to generally available Workers.
  2. For high-value Tasks, TaskRouter can route to general workers OR a collection of workers who are available for high-value Tasks only.
  task_routing: {
    filters: [
        filter_friendly_name: "General Routing",
        expression: "high_value == false",
        targets: [
            queue: "WQxyz1",
            expression: "worker.activity_name == ’General Avail’",
            priority: "50"
        filter_friendly_name: "High value Tasks",
        expression: "high_value == true",
        targets: [
            queue: "WQxyz2",
            expression: "worker.activity_name == ’Limited Avail’ OR
                         worker.activity_name == ’General Avail’",
            priority: "100"

Next Steps

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