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Access Token Resource

Verify Push is in Public Beta.

Your client side application uses the AccessToken resource to authenticate its request to the Verify Push API when creating (i.e., enrolling or registering) an Entity and/or Factor.

While this Verify Push AccessToken resource is similar to those used by Twilio voice/chat/video products, it cannot be reused between them.

AccessToken properties

Resource Properties in REST API format
sid<YK> Not PII

A 34 character string that uniquely identifies this Access Token.

sid<AC> Not PII

The unique SID identifier of the Account.

sid<VA> Not PII

The unique SID identifier of the Verify Service.

string Not PII

The unique external identifier for the Entity of the Service.

enum:factor_types Not PII

The Type of the Factor. Currently only push is supported.

string Not PII

A human readable description of this factor, up to 64 characters. For a push factor, this can be the device's name.

string Not PII

The access token generated for enrollment, this is an encrypted json web token.

url Not PII

The URL of this resource.

Create an AccessToken resource

Parameters in REST API format
post sid<VA> Not PII

The unique SID identifier of the Service.

post string PII MTL: 30 DAYS

The unique external identifier for the Entity of the Service. This identifier should be immutable, not PII, and generated by your external system, such as your user's UUID, GUID, or SID.

post ienum:factor_types Not PII

The Type of this Factor. Eg. push

post string Not PII

The friendly name of the factor that is going to be created with this access token

Example 1
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