Verify: Phone Verification by API and SDK

Twilio Verify is a simple API for ensuring a user has a device in their presence. Verify supports both SMS and Voice channels, works in well over a hundred countries, and includes message localization for dozens of languages. Add Verify to reduce fraudulent sign-ups and keep out bad-actors. Let's build.

Get started with Verify phone verification

To get started, you'll just need a developer environment and an API Key. Grab your Twilio credentials in the console and create a new Verify application and API Keys. Come back here and get started in your language of choice.

Helper Libraries

While you can use the Verify API directly to integrate Verify phone verification in any language, we provide a helper library for six common web languages. If you use one of these for your backend, there's no faster way to get started.

Build verification into your app

If your app asks users to register, you're going to want to think through account security and fraud reduction. These Verify tutorials, sample apps, quickstarts, and API Reference docs will show you best practices and easy ways to integrate Verify into your app or site.

Advanced Verify features

Verify comes out of the box with SMS and Voice capabilities. You can verify devices in hundreds of countries and it has localized support for dozens of languages. 

Once you've started your integration, check out our phone verification best practices to help you keep things smooth when building out your app. Reduce fraud and malicious users while easily checking users exist.

Implementation docs

Account Security products

Twilio can help with your account security flow. Use Authy for a continual relationship with your users while adding push authentication and Soft Token support and use Lookup to verify carrier and type for a number.

For pricing on Verify, check out our pricing page or reach out to sales.