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Verify Templates are in Public beta!

Pre-approved and custom templates are currently in the Public beta maturity stage, which means that:

We're actively looking for early-adopter customers to try it out and give us feedback. That could be you!

Please note that pre-approved and custom templates are only supported with the SMS and Voice channels.

Templates are predefined and approved messages used to send Verifications that allow you to customize the Verification message. An account can have multiple templates associated with it to accommodate various scenarios.

Verify offers three different types of templates to support your use cases: Verify Default, pre-approved, and custom. Read more about the features and differences of these template types here.

Template translations and supported languages

Verify will automatically resolve a template message body's locale based on phone number country code or fallback to English or a custom template’s default language. Using this automatic resolution is highly recommended. If you still must override locale, use the locale parameter. Learn more about supported languages here.

See special restrictions for sending SMS to Singapore or Canada.

Template properties

Resource Properties in REST API format
sid<HJ> Not PII

A 34 character string that uniquely identifies a Verification Template.

sid<AC> Not PII

The unique SID identifier of the Account.

string Not PII

A descriptive string that you create to describe a Template. It can be up to 32 characters long.

string[] Not PII

A list of channels that support the Template. Can include: sms, voice.

object Not PII

An object that contains the different translations of the template. Every translation is identified by the language short name and contains its respective information as the approval status, text and created/modified date.

Get a list of available templates

Parameters in REST API format
get string Not PII

String filter used to query templates with a given friendly name.

Example 1
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        Returns pre-approved and custom templates for your account

        Get a list of available templates

        Returns pre-approved and custom templates for your account

        Start a Verification with a specific template

        To send a verification with a specified template, include the TemplateSid (starts with HJ) as a parameter.

        Example 2
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              Create a Verification using a template

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