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Verify Countries and Regions Deliverability

See special restrictions for sending SMS to Singapore or Canada.

Read this support article for details on Twilio's current Messaging support capabilities to deliver SMS worldwide. All countries listed in the article are supported by Messaging and therefore are also supported by Verify. In addition, Verify also delivers to China.

Some smaller countries and island states may not be listed because they utilize the telecommunications infrastructure of other countries, please contact Sales to inquire about unlisted areas.

While Twilio Verify uses generic senders on behalf of our customers, we recommend that you register your own Alphanumeric Sender ID for countries marked with “Pre-Registration Required” in the support article to increase the conversion rate of your messages. To begin the registration process, visit Twilio’s Alphanumeric Sender ID registration page.

If you attempt to send Verifications to an undeliverable country, you will receive Error 60605. You can confirm delivery is not being blocked by your Verify Service's geographic permissions by checking the Geo permissions tab in Twilio Console by navigating to Twilio Console > Verify > Settings > Geo permissions.

    "code": 60605,
    "message": "The destination phone number has been blocked by Verify Geo-Permissions. [COUNTRY CODE] is blocked for sms channel for all services",
    "more_info": "",
    "status": 403

View Verify Supported Languages for more information on language translation support.

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