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Verify Applications

Version 2 of the Verify API is now available! V2 has an improved developer experience and new features. Some of the features of the V2 API include:

You are currently viewing Version 1. V1 of the API will be maintained for the time being, but any new features and development will be on Version 2. We encourage you to do any new development with API V2. Check out the migration guide or the API Reference for more information.

Twilio Verify API applications are created through the Verify section of the console. You may have many applications in one Twilio account, but each Application you create will be isolated with a separate application name and separate API key.

Create New Application

To create a new Verify application, click the red plus ('+') button from the console:

Create New Two-Factor Application

You will be taken to your application's Settings page, where you can find your Application ID:

Verify Application ID

It is also possible to get information about an Verify API Application via the API itself.

Get Application Details

This call will retrieve the application details:

  1. Name:
  2. Plan:
  3. SMS-enabled


Name Type Description
user_ip String (optional) IP of the user requesting to see the application details. (📇 PII )


Name Type Description
app App Object with information about the application. (🏢 not PII )
success Boolean True if the request was successful. (🏢 not PII )
message String A message indicating the result of the operation. (🏢 not PII )


curl '' \
-H "X-Authy-API-Key: d57d919d11e6b221c9bf6f7c882028f9"

Sample response:

  "app": {
    "name": "Verify Sample",
    "plan": "pay_as_you_go",
    "sms_enabled": true,
    "phone_calls_enabled": true,
    "app_id": 11111,
    "onetouch_enabled": true
  "message": "Application information.",
  "success": true
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