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Default Languages for Phone Number Country Codes

Verify will automatically resolve a verification’s language based on the country code of the phone number provided. Phone verification messages for all countries except those listed below default to English. Using automatic language resolution is highly recommended. If required, you can override the default language by specifying the locale parameter in the request.

You can view a list of all supported languages here.

Default languages other than English

Country Country Code Language Tag
Argentina 54 es
Austria 43 de
Belgium 32 fr
Bolivia 591 es
Brazil 55 pt
Chile 56 es
China 86 zh-CN
Colombia 57 es
Costa Rica 506 es
Cuba 53 es
Cyprus 357 el
Dominican Republic* 1809 es
Ecuador 593 es
Egypt 20 ar
El Salvador 503 es
Estonia 372 et
France 33 fr
Germany 49 de
Guatemala 502 es
Honduras 504 es
India 91 en
Indonesia 62 id
Italy 39 it
Japan 81 ja
Kuwait 965 ar
Lithuania 370 lt
Luxembourg 352 de
Mexico 52 es
Monaco 377 fr
Nicaragua 505 es
Oman 968 ar
Panama 507 es
Paraguay 595 es
Peru 51 es
Poland 48 pl
Portugal 351 pt
Romania 226 ro
San Marino 378 it
Saudi Arabia 966 ar
Slovakia 421 sk
South Africa 27 af
Spain 34 es
Switzerland 41 de
Ukraine 380 uk
United Arab Emirates 971 ar
United Kingdom 44 en-GB
Uruguay 598 es
Vatican City 379 it
Venezuela 58 es
Vietnam 84 vi

*The Dominican Republic uses the country code and area code to default messages to Spanish.

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