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Verify Passkeys Overview



Verify Passkeys is currently in Pilot, check out the Live Demo(link takes you to an external page) to see it in action.

What are Passkeys

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Passkeys, also known as FIDO/WebAuthn, is an industry-standard(link takes you to an external page) authentication method that is more seamless and secure than passwords. Many consumer apps are adding support for Passkeys, including Google making Passkeys its default sign-in option.(link takes you to an external page)

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Twilio Verify's support for Passkeys

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Verify enables developers to easily add Passkeys into their existing authentication flows, similar to Verify TOTP and Push. The Verify API supports passkey registration, public key storage, and auth flows. On the client-side, developers can optionally embed an open-source library (SDK) that handles interactions with operating systems and customizable UI widgets that maximize conversion.

Twilio is a member of the FIDO alliance(link takes you to an external page) that created the Passkeys standard.

Learn more about Verify Passkeys

Interested in Verify Passkeys? Provide your contact info and we'll follow-up within 2 business days.

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