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Verify Supported Languages

Language translations are defined by a locale value, also known as a “language tag”. For example, the locale value for English (American) is en.

For any type of Verify template used, the locale will automatically resolve based on the country code of the phone number provided for Verifications sent using the SMS, Voice, or WhatsApp channels, with en or a custom template’s default language as the fallback locale if a translation is not available. See a list of phone number country code to language mappings here. Using this automatic resolution is highly recommended. If a language override is desired, you can specify the locale parameter when creating a Verification.

The locale values follow country-region format as described in IETF's BPC 47 for the languages listed below. If an unsupported override locale is given, a 404 error will be returned. In that case, we recommend that you retry the request without the locale parameter to implement a fallback to the country code's default language or English.

SMS messages sent with Programmable Messaging or Verify are priced per message segment.

Messages sent in certain language locales, including pt, pt_BR, cs, and el or in non-GSM characters may be split into multiple message segments. You can check how many message segments your message will use with the Messaging Segment Calculator tool.

Learn more about how to limit message segments in our developer best practices.

Language support varies depending on if a Verify Default, pre-approved or custom template is used and what channel it’s sent with. Learn more about the differences between these templates types here.

Verify Default Template

This table shows the current language support for the Verify Default template. This template is used automatically if a pre-approved or custom template is not specified in your Verification request and your Verify Service does not have a pre-approved or custom default template set.

Language Language Tag Supported Channels
Afrikaans af SMS, WhatsApp
Arabic ar SMS, WhatsApp
Catalan ca SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Chinese (Simplified using mainland terms) zh or zh-CN SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Chinese (Simplified using Hong Kong terms) zh-HK SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Croatian hr SMS, WhatsApp
Czech cs SMS, WhatsApp
Danish da SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Dutch nl SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
English (American) en SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
English (British) en-GB Voice
Estonian et SMS, WhatsApp
Finnish fi SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
French fr SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
German de SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Greek el SMS, WhatsApp
Hebrew he SMS, WhatsApp
Hindi hi SMS, WhatsApp
Hungarian hu SMS, WhatsApp
Indonesian id SMS, WhatsApp
Italian it SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Japanese ja SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Kannada kn SMS, WhatsApp
Korean ko SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Lithuanian lt SMS, WhatsApp
Malay ms SMS, WhatsApp
Marathi mr SMS, WhatsApp
Norwegian nb SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Polish pl SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt-BR SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Portuguese pt SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Romanian ro SMS, WhatsApp
Russian ru SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Slovak sk SMS, WhatsApp
Spanish es SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Swedish sv SMS, WhatsApp, Voice
Tagalog tl SMS, WhatsApp
Telugu te SMS, WhatsApp
Thai th SMS, WhatsApp
Turkish tr SMS, WhatsApp
Ukrainian uk SMS, WhatsApp
Vietnamese vi SMS, WhatsApp

Pre-approved Templates

Currently, only some languages that are supported by Verify are supported by pre-approved templates, with plans to continue adding translations and expanding language support.

Checking the available languages per-template via API

Checking the available languages per-template via Twilio Console

  • Navigate to Twilio Console > Verify > Services page and select your Verify Service.
  • On the Settings page under the General tab, select a Message body under the Template configuration heading.
  • Check the Message preview section for Locale Preview dropdown for a list of supported languages.

Custom Templates

The template requester must provide translations when making a custom template creation request, read this support article for more information on how to make that request. Each translation needs to be mapped to a locale value. The locale value can be defined by the template requester, but must be of the format XX (e.g. pt) or XX-XX (e.g. pt-br) and consist of the following locale “component” values, as defined by IETF's BPC 47.

Custom templates support all language and channel combinations currently supported by the Verify Default template, in addition to the following langauges in all channels except for Voice:

Language Language Tag
Abkhaz ab
Afar aa
Akan ak
Albanian sq
Amharic am
Aragonese an
Armenian hy
Assamese as
Avaric av
Avestan ae
Aymara ay
Azerbaijani az
Bambara bm
Bashkir ba
Basque eu
Belarusian be
Bengali bn
Bihari bh
Bislama bi
Bosnian bs
Breton br
Bulgarian bg
Burmese my
Chamorro ch
Chechen ce
Chichewa, Chewa, Nyanja ny
Chuvash cv
Cornish kw
Corsican co
Cree cr
Divehi, Dhivehi, Maldivian dv
Esperanto eo
Ewe ee
Faroese fo
Fijian fj
Fula, Fulah, Pulaar, Pular ff
Galician gl
Georgian ka
Guaraní gn
Gujarati gu
Haitian, Haitian Creole ht
Hausa ha
Herero hz
Hiri Motu ho
Interlingua ia
Interlingue ie
Irish ga
Igbo ig
Inupiaq ik
Ido io
Icelandic is
Inuktitut iu
Javanese jv
Kalaallisut, Greenlandic kl
Kanuri kr
Kashmiri ks
Kazakh kk
Khmer km
Kikuyu, Gikuyu ki
Kinyarwanda rw
Kirghiz, Kyrgyz ky
Komi kv
Kongo kg
Kurdish ku
Kwanyama, Kuanyama kj
Latin la
Luxembourgish, Letzeburgesch lb
Luganda lg
Limburgish, Limburgan, Limburger li
Lingala ln
Lao lo
Lithuanian lt
Luba-Katanga lu
Latvian lv
Manx gv
Macedonian mk
Malagasy mg
Malayalam ml
Maltese mt
Māori mi
Marshallese mh
Mongolian mn
Nauru na
Navajo, Navaho nv
North Ndebele nd
Nepali ne
Ndonga ng
Norwegian Nynorsk nn
Norwegian no
Nuosu ii
South Ndebele nr
Occitan oc
Ojibwe, Ojibwa oj
Old Church Slavonic, Church Slavic, Church Slavonic, Old Bulgarian, Old Slavonic cu
Oromo om
Oriya or
Ossetian, Ossetic os
Panjabi, Punjabi pa
Pāli pi
Persian fa
Pashto, Pushto ps
Quechua qu
Romansh rm
Kirundi rn
Sanskrit (Saṁskṛta) sa
Sardinian sc
Sindhi sd
Northern Sami se
Samoan sm
Sango sg
Serbian sr
Scottish Gaelic, Gaelic gd
Shona sn
Sinhala, Sinhalese si
Slovene sl
Somali so
Southern Sotho st
Sundanese su
Swahili sw
Swati ss
Tamil ta
Tajik tg
Tigrinya ti
Tibetan Standard, Tibetan, Central bo
Turkmen tk
Tswana tn
Tonga (Tonga Islands) to
Tsonga ts
Tatar tt
Twi tw
Tahitian ty
Uighur, Uyghur ug
Ukrainian uk
Urdu ur
Uzbek uz
Venda ve
Volapük vo
Walloon wa
Welsh cy
Wolof wo
Western Frisian fy
Xhosa xh
Yiddish yi
Yoruba yo
Zhuang, Chuang za

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