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Flex Plugin

This guide shows you how to enable the Transcripts App in Twilio Flex. It is intended for developers and system integrators, and assumes that you have at least one working Voice Intelligence Service.

It allows Flex users to search through transcripts of recorded conversations that took place between customers and your customer support agents.


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To follow along with this guide, you should have the following elements set up and ready to use:

  • A Twilio Flex Account
  • A configured Voice Intelligence Service
  • Access to transcripts that you would like to search

To enable the Flex Plugin follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Flex Admin panel
  2. Click on Manage Feature Settings
  3. Select the Pilot tab
  4. Enable the Voice Intelligence feature

Once enabled, you'll see the Voice Intelligence icon in the left-hand navigation bar. (It looks like a lightning bolt.)

Voice Intelligence icon.

Clicking on the Voice Intelligence icon will display the Transcripts App in the main panel.

Voice Intelligence Flex Plugin.

Seeing an empty Transcripts App?

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If the Transcripts App is empty, you might need to change the Service name selection or Date range filters.

Only the last 90 days transcriptions are available in the Transcriptions App to search and view.

If you still don't see any transcription, please check your Service configuration or create new Transcripts.

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