Skills-based routing

The heart of a contact center that you can control from your code

Flexible Routing Logic

A skills‑based routing API with escalation and fallback rules

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Multi-channel interactions

Route any type of interaction, whether it’s voice calls, messages, or video calls from Twilio, or interactions from any other system like emails or leads.

Attribute-driven routing

Specify in the workflow how you want tasks routed based on any combination of attributes you apply to a task. Route tasks intelligently by matching them with the skills of your agents.

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JavaScript SDK for worker assignment

Push high priority tasks to the best‑suited agents instantly over WebSocket without building your own server function. Pass all of the task context to your web interface.

Multi-tasking workers

Specify how many different tasks each agent can handle concurrently, with different limits per channel. You can also create custom channels to cover every interaction type.

“With TaskRouter, we built a multi‑channel conversion 
center powerful enough to compete in an area traditionally dominated by outsourcing and SaaS solutions —
at a fraction of the cost.”

Chris Jenkins, Director of advertising systems

Management At Scale

Focus on your customers, not on tracking tasks and workers

Designed for scale

TaskRouter takes care of assigning tasks across a large number of agents. No matter the scale, our API handles the complexity of task assignment across channels.

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Incremental escalation

TaskRouter doesn’t just route and forget. You can define escalation logic to incrementally expand the set of agents who can be assigned to each task.

Intelligent agent assignment

Specify what agent skills are required to take work from each queue and TaskRouter immediately updates the state and routing logic with no code changes required.

Dynamic worker expressions

Build granular routing logic without needing hundreds of queues. Filter tasks to a subset of workers within a queue by specifying which task attributes must match an agent’s skills.

Compliance Intelligence

Meet global compliance requirements without breaking a sweat

1. A business event is captured

2. Your application adds a task to a workflow using the REST API or TwiML.

3. Workflow evaluates the task attributes against its routing configuration and prioritizes the task into the right queue with the right ordering.

4. Task queue evaluates available workers against its target workers expression and reserves an eligible worker.

5. Worker performs the task.

Real-Time Monitoring

Track adherence to KPIs, and implement changes to stay within SLAs

Real time statistics

Build wallboard display dashboards of operational performance by pulling real‑time performance statistics from your TaskRouter workspace.

Historical statistics

TaskRouter records all the statistics you need to build historical reports showing agent and queue performance.

Workspace SDK

Build a web interface to allow non‑developers to change routing configurations. Workspace SDK enables you to make administrative changes immediately and securely.


Get a live audit trail of every event that happens, from task updates to worker activity changes. Connect TaskRouter data to Twilio Sync to view the state of the entire system live.

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