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Monitor Agent Activity

The Teams View provides a real-time view of contact center agents' activity. With this information, supervisors can monitor individual tasks for training and problem-solving in the contact center. This tool helps supervisors ensure that agents' interactions with customers meet quality standards.

What can you do in Teams View?

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  • View agent status and the tasks they are working on right now
  • View individual task info
  • Listen to live calls
  • View live messaging conversations


The Teams View is visible for users with supervisor or admin role. It can display a maximum of 200 agents to supervisors and admins, so be sure to configure your Teams View filters in a way that narrows down the list of agents to less than 200.



The TaskQueue list may not include all TaskQueues if the TaskQueue has not been used for 30 days or more. Reset the expiration on your TaskQueue by routing an inbound task to the Queue. Each additional task and any transfers will reset the expiration time to 30 days.


Call monitoring allows supervisors and admins to listen to any call in real-time. To listen to a live call:

  1. Open any voice call task by clicking on it in the Agents list
  1. Click on the Call Monitoring button. A persistent bar ( LiveCommsBar(link takes you to an external page) ) indicating active call monitoring will appear, and audio from the call will start playing.

To stop call monitoring, click on the Call Monitoring button again or use the Stop Monitoring action in the LiveCommsBar.



Known issue: A supervisor must have a status of unavailable to invoke call monitoring. If a supervisor is in another state, the stability of the monitoring function can be negatively affected.

Chat monitoring allows supervisors and admins to view messages in any active conversation. The conversations will update in real-time as your agents continue their chats.

To start monitoring a conversation, open the messaging task by clicking on it.

Chat Monitoring.

Supervisors will only be able to view the messages. Sending messages is disabled when monitoring a messaging task.

Teams View Programmability

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The Teams View also provides various ways for programmatic customization:

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