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Twilio for Salesforce

Twilio for Salesforce is a managed package for Salesforce that brings programmable communications into your Salesforce environment. Using Twilio for Salesforce, you can do all kinds of fun stuff, such as the following.

  • Send automated, customized SMS messages from Process Builder. Learn how >
  • Send customized SMS messages to Leads and Contacts associated with a Campaign. Learn how >
  • Message one on one with Contacts from their Salesforce record page. Learn how >
  • Interact with the Twilio REST API using a flexible Apex library. Learn how >

Sign up for early access to the preview of Twilio for Salesforce here!

We have many more fun features in store, and want to hear from you to see what we should be building next! Request access to our Trailblazer Community, and we'll admit any members of the Twilio for Salesforce preview right away. Right now access to the preview is invitation only, but we hope to open it up to the world really soon.

Ready to get started? Head on over to our installation and setup guide.

Do you work for a nonprofit or social enterprise? Take advantage of discount pricing, expert help, and $500 in free API credits by signing up for the Impact Access Program.

Note that if you are currently using Twilio's message redaction product, Twilio for Salesforce will still store un-redacted messages in your Salesforce instance. If you are interested in removing messages from Twilio for Salesforce to comply with redaction requirements, please contact