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Error Codes

HTTP Status Codes

Status Reason
200 OK Response is correct. The body of the response will include the data requested.
400 Bad Request There was an error with the request. The body of the response will have more info.
429 Too Many Requests API usage limit. If you reach API usage limits, a 429 will be returned. Please wait until you pass the limit and attempt the call again.
503 Service Unavailable There are multiple possible reasons for a HTTP 503 error.

Error Codes

Status Error Message
60200 Invalid parameter
60201 Invalid verification code
60202 Max check attempts reached
60203 Max send attempts reached
60204 Service does not support this feature
60205 SMS is not supported by landline phone number
60206 'Amount' & 'Payee' params are required
60207 Max rate limits per service reached
60208 Rate limit with that UniqueName already exists
60209 UniqueName format is invalid
60210 Max Buckets per Rate limit reached
60211 Bucket with the given Interval already exists
60212 Too many concurrent requests for phone number
60213 A Messaging Configuration already exists for the given country
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