Announcing the New Twilio API Version 2010-04-01

Twilio-100-new-improvements-in-the-APIToday we’re excited to announce the launch the first major revision to the Twilio APIs, incorporating over 100 improvements requested by thousands of members of the Twilio developer community.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be writing about new features and improvements, and you can take a look at the full list of changes in the changelog.

Favorite New Changes

Check out some of the features we think make this new API version particularly exciting:

This Week’s Contest: Explore the New API

In celebration of this week’s release, the theme for this week’s developer contest will be focused on taking advantage of the improvements in the new API.  Any application that uses the 2010-04-01 API version is fair game, but preference will be given to those apps that take advantage of new functionality.

Do you have a Twilio app you’ve been wanting to improve on, or need some motivation to upgrade to the new API?  You could win $200 in Twilio credit and a sweet gadget!  Submissions are due by midnight (Pacific Time) on Monday, September 6th.  Make the most of your holiday weekend and build something awesome.


Getting Starting with Version 2010-04-01

To start using the new API, replace ‘2008-08-01’ with ‘2010-04-01’ in your REST URIs, or set the API version on a per-phone number basis using the phone numbers interface in your account portal. Setting the API version to ‘2010-04-01’ on an incoming phone number means all incoming calls or SMS messages to that phone number will execute TwiML under the 2010-04-01 API revision. Similarly, by specifying ‘2010-04-01’ in a REST API URI, all outgoing calls or SMS messages will execute under the 2010-04-01 API revision. There is no way to change the API version of a specific call or SMS once it has started.

Continued Support for Version 2008-08-01

Existing applications running on the old 2008-08-01 API version will continue to operate without any changes and Twilio will continue to support API version 2008-08-01. If you do nothing, your application will continue to operate normally. If you opt to upgrade your application, it will require a few small tweaks to make it compatible and take advantage of the new features.  Check out our upgrade guide for a rundown of what you’ll need to update.


We’re excited to get this release in your hands.  Thank you to the hundreds of Twilio developers who were part of our private beta and provided feedback, suggestions, and helped us to test.  Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or suggestions of your own.

  • redsonic

    does the new api support sending sms to non US number?

  • redsonic

    does the new api support sending sms to non US number?