Twilio Verify

Twilio Verify is a one-time, high-confidence check a user has a claimed phone in their possession. The phone verification service is a check on the identity of your users or new registrees, based on their access to a phone number, which increases the quality of your userbase while decreasing fraud, spam, and other unwanted registrations.

Phone Verification with Twilio

Twilio Verify is designed to reduce the effort required to integrate authentication and verification into your application, the API has the following features.

  • Built in logic using multiple routes to ensure high delivery of SMS messages
  • Pool of unique short codes, long codes (ten digit phone numbers) and alpha sender IDs to ensure maximum local delivery rates
  • Fallback to Voice when user doesn't have an SMS enabled device
  • SMS and Voice message translated in 35 languages
  • Auto managed number inventory for over 100 countries
  • Option to customize the SMS message, inserting your own branding/language

While phone verification and two-factor authentication have many features in common, each is superior in different situations. For a full primer on the differences between the two products, see our page on choosing between phone verification and two-factor authentication.

Ready to integrate Phone Verification into your web application? Try our Verify Quickstarts.

Verify is one product in the Twilio account security APIs, along with Authy and Lookup.

Verify API

Twilio's Verify API supports checking for device presence across two channels, Voice and SMS. Visit the API Reference documents for all of the possible options for each API call as well sample responses and failure examples.

Helper Libraries

It's possible to use the API to directly integrate phone verification into your application but we have a number of helper libraries to speed up the process. Try our libraries as the fastest way to get you up and verifying phones with some common web languages.

Android SDK

The Twilio Verify SDK for Android allows you to add our verification functionality into your mobile application. It greatly simplifies the process of validating a phone number from within a mobile app.

Need some help?

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