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Programmable Video REST API

This page is for reference only. We are no longer onboarding new customers to Programmable Video. Existing customers can continue to use the product until December 5, 2024.

We recommend migrating your application to the API provided by our preferred video partner, Zoom. We've prepared this migration guide to assist you in minimizing any service disruption.

The Programmable Video REST API allows you to control your video applications from your back-end server via HTTP requests. You can create and complete Rooms, query their status, retrieve Recording files, configure a webhook for Status Callbacks, and more.

All Programmable Video REST API resources use the following base URL.

All requests to the Programmable Video Rooms REST API are served over HTTPS. Unencrypted HTTP is not supported.


HTTP requests to the REST API are protected with HTTP Basic authentication. To learn more about how Twilio handles authentication, please refer to our security documentation. You will use your Twilio API Key Sid as the username and the key's associated API Key Secret as the password for HTTP Basic authentication.

curl -G \
       -u '{API Key Sid}:{API Key Secret}'

You can manage your API Keys in the console.


The resources you will be interacting with via the Programmable Video REST API are:

Resource Description
Rooms A Room represents a multi-party communications session among users in your application, where users can share and receive real-time audio and video tracks with one another.
Participants A Participant is one user session in a Room.
PublishedTrack Published Tracks represent media shared in a Room by a Participant.
Track Subscriptions Subscribe Rules represent Participant's Track Subscriptions.
Recordings A Recording represents the recorded media for an audio, video, or screen share Track shared in a Room.
Compositions A Composition represents a playable media file resulting from the mixing of a set of Group Room video Recordings.
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