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Programmable Video Quotas and Limits



This documentation is for reference only. We are no longer onboarding new customers to Programmable Video. Existing customers can continue to use the product until December 5, 2026(link takes you to an external page).

We recommend migrating your application to the API provided by our preferred video partner, Zoom. We've prepared this migration guide(link takes you to an external page) to assist you in minimizing any service disruption.


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The Programmable Video service operates within certain quotas and limits that ensure a reliable and consistent operation. Quotas are account based and can be increased on request, whereas limits are system wide and independent of the account.

Room and Participant Account Quotas

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The following table describes the default values for Group Rooms and P2P Rooms:

Default Quota [1]Notes
Max Concurrent Rooms10,000 [2]Maximum Rooms that can be in-flight at the same time
Max Concurrent Participants10,000 [2]Maximum Participants that can be connected to your Rooms at the same time
Max REST API Read Requests per second80Maximum Read requests, e.g get Room, get list of Participants, etc.
Max REST API Write Requests per second20Maximum Write requests, e.g create Room, update Participant, etc.

[1]: More information on these quotas and how to design your application with these in mind can be found on the Guide to Scaling Applications page. Should you need an increase then contact sales.

[2]: Note that WebRTC Go Rooms are limited to 500 concurrent rooms or participants per customer (per parent account).

Room and Participant System Limits

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The following table illustrates the standard limits of the different Twilio Rooms:

Go RoomP2P RoomSmall Group Room(Regular) Group Room
Max Participants23 [1]450 [2]
Max Participant Duration24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours
Max Room Duration24 hours24 hours24 hours24 hours
TURN Server UsageUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

[1]: Can support up to 10 audio-only participants, but max 3 participants recommended when video is published

[2]: Group Rooms can support up to 35 PSTN participants. Learn more about adding Programmable Voice participants to Video Rooms.

The following limits are independent of the Room type:

Max Room Name128 characters
Max Participant Identity128 characters
Max Track Name128 characters

Participant Bandwidth Limits

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The following describes bandwidth limits for each Participant in a Room:

Go RoomP2P RoomSmall Group Room(Regular) Group Room
Publisher Bandwidth per Participant20,000 Kbps20,000 Kbps
Subscription Bandwidth per Participant4,000 Kbps4,000 Kbps

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