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Programmable Video Limits


The Programmable Video service operates within certain limits that ensure a smooth and consistent operation. Some of these limits are account based and can be increased on request, whereas others are system wide and independent of the account.

Room and Participant System Limits

The following table illustrates the standard limits of the different Twilio Rooms:

P2P Room Small Group Room (Regular) Group Room
Max Participants 10(*) 4 50
Max Participant Duration 4 hours 4 hours 4 hours
Max Room Duration 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours

(*) audio-only participants, max 2 participants recommended when video is published

The following limits are independent of the Room type:

Max Room Name 128 characters
Max Participant Identity 128 characters
Max Track Name 128 characters

Room and Participant Account based limits

The following table describes the default values for account based limits

Default Value1 Notes
Max Concurrent Rooms 1000 Maximum Rooms that can be in-flight at the same time
Max Concurrent Participants 1000 Maximum Participants that can be connected to your Rooms at the same time
Max REST API Read Requests per second 80 Maximum Read requests, e.g get Room, get list of Participants, etc.
Max REST API Write Requests per second 20 Maximum Write requests, e.g create Room, update Participant, etc.

1Contact sales for more information or to request an override.

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