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Video Log Analyzer


Video Log Analyzer provides a new interface for viewing Programmable Video Rooms via Console. Room and participant details are captured by Twilio's Programmable Video infrastructure and stored to provide visibility into application behavior. Video Logs are available for two days for WebRTC Go rooms, and seven days for all other room types.

Logs View

The Logs view shows a filterable and searchable list of Programmable Video Rooms for a given account.

Video Log Analyzer Logs View.png

Filter options

By default the last 8 hours of Rooms are loaded. You can expand the Date & Time Range to Today which will include the last 24 hours, or you can choose a custom time range. Note that group and peer-to-peer Room logs are stored for seven days; WebRTC Go Room logs are stored for two days.

The Room Type filter allows you to focus on Rooms of a particular type. Additionally, you can filter by Codec which will return all Rooms that had participants using the selected codec. Note that multiple codecs can be present in the same Room.

Search options

The Logs view can be searched using both Room Name and Room SID. Note that filters do not apply to searches; e.g. if you have filtered for a specific codec type, but then search for a Room SID that does not utilize that codec, we will still return the Room SID provided it exists in the results.

CSV Export

The results of filters or searches can be exported to CSV for offline analysis. The CSV export will contain up to ten thousand rows, limited by the retention policy of the Room type.

Room Details View

The Room Details view summarizes Room metadata and lists Room participants.

Twilio Video Log Analyzer Room Details

Participant Property View

The Participant Properties view provides metadata for a specific participant including platform and browser details.

Participant Properties.png

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