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With Twilio Autopilot you can build Alexa Skills. On this page we'll walk you through how to link Alexa and Autopilot. These steps will link the two:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Create Skill button
  3. Fill in your skill project name
  4. On the next tab, choose Custom and Provision your own hit the Create Skill button
  5. Once you're in the builder IDE, click on the Invocation sidebar tab
    1. Pick an invocation name. This is the name used to invoke the skill say, "owl cafe", from the phrase "Alexa, ask owl cafe to order me a coffee"
    2. Hit Save
  6. In another tab, navigate to the Twilio Autopilot Assistant list
    1. Click the Assistant you are working on
    2. Click Channels
    3. Click Alexa
    4. Type in the Invocation Name from the step above
    5. Click Generate JSON
  7. Switch back to the Amazon Developer Console tab, and Click on the JSON editor sidebar button
    1. Paste the JSON that was generated in the step above
    2. Click Save Model
    3. Click Build Model
  8. Click on the Endpoints sidebar button
    1. Click the HTTPS radio button
    2. Paste the URL from the Autopilot Console
    3. Make sure you change the invocationName in the JSON.
    4. Choose "My development endpoint is a subdomain . . . " for SSL configuration
    5. Click Save Endpoints
  9. Go to the Test tab and interact with Autopilot by typing or saying "ask <your skill name> <something something>"
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