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Autopilot limits

  • 30-day retention for Queries.
  • 10 Dialogues per second.
  • 500 Assistants per Account
  • 16KB for Assistant Memory. Exceeding this limit will throw the error: 90100 - Invalid Autopilot Actions JSON. If you are using Twilio Studio, the limit for Assistant Memory is 12KB. Please note that this limit includes fields that are autopopulated by Autopilot (e.g. call information from Programable Voice).
  • 16KB for the Actions response.

Callback Limits

  • 10-second request limit for fetching Actions JSON.
  • 30-second request limit for Autopilot Webhook Events.

Model Build Limits

A Model Build must be completed within 60 minutes. Here are the maximum numbers for individual parts of the build, but as you combine fields, tasks, and samples the overall limits will be lower to accomodate the maximum build time.

You can check your build time by looking at the Build Duration field in the Autopilot REST API ModelBuild Resource.

  • 50 Field Types per Assistant.
  • 1,000 Field Values per Field Type.
  • 600 Tasks per Assistant.
  • 50,000 Samples per Assistant.
  • 50 Fields per Task.

Listen limits

  • 60-second listen limit for Programmable Voice. Listen will automatically detect the end of speech when the utterance is shorter than 60 seconds.
  • 4 hour listen limit for other channels

Voice and Messaging limits

Please see the following pages for details of these limits:

Chat limits

Please see the following page for details of these limits:

  • Chat limits
  • Twilio Autopilot does not officially support the Conversations API as a channel.

Simulator or Programmable Chat

When using the Simulator (always) or Programmable Chat (only when the Debug parameter is set to true), you are subject to the Programmable Chat channel attribute limit of 4KB. If the Autopilot Dialogue Payload is greater than 4KB then a Programmable Chat: Attributes too long will be fired and the dialogue payload will not be sent as a message attribute.

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