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Autopilot Limits

  • 10-second request limit for Actions Callback.
  • 30-second request limit for Dialogue events callback.
  • 10 Dialogues per second
  • 60-second limit for Listen Action using Voice. Listen will automatically detect the end of speech when the utterance is shorter than 60 seconds.
  • 1,000 Assistants per Account
  • 100 Field Types per Assistant
  • 10,000 Field Values per Field Type
  • 2,000 Tasks per Assistant
  • 200,000 Samples per Assistant
  • 50 Fields per Task
  • 16 kb for the Assistant Memory. Exceeding this limit will throw error 90100 - Invalid Autopilot Actions JSON
  • 16 kb for the Actions response.

Voice and Messaging Limits

Chat Limits

Simulator or Programmable Chat (with Debug=true)

  • When using the Simulator (always) or Programmable Chat (with Debug=true parameter), you are subject to the Programmable Chat channel attribute limit of 4KB. If the Autopilot Dialogue Payload is greater than 4KB then a "Programmable Chat: Attributes too long" will be fired and the dialogue payload will not be sent as a message attribute.
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