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Troubleshooting Guide

Twilio Autopilot will be shut down on August 25, 2023.

Twilio Autopilot will be disabled for all users on August 25, 2023. After this date, customers won’t be able to access the Autopilot APIs, Console Experience, Studio Widget, and docs. Additionally, Twilio will discontinue including Autopilot support in the new helper library releases and customer support won’t answer tickets or requests regarding Autopilot after Feb 25, 2023. For full details, including migration options, see Autopilot Support at Twilio.

Known Issues

Studio with REST API Trigger on an outbound call

When using Studio with REST API Trigger and making an outbound call, these Flow executions fail to connect to Autopilot. Incomming Call Trigger connects to Autopilot correctly.

TwiML <Connect action="/"> incorrect Schema Warning

When using the <Connect> TwiML verb with an action parameter an incorrect schema warning is fired. The Schema is actually correct the warning is not.

{Show} images for Chat cannot exceed 64KB

When using the {Show} with Programmable Chat images cannot exceed 64KB.

The throws a 404

Autopilot currently does not provide a list resource for retrieving dialogues. You can however fetch individual dialogues by appending the Dialogue SID to that URL, but only for dialogues that are in progress. Once a dialogue is concluded, it can not be currently retrieved via the API.

There needs to be a <Play> or a <Say> widget between two Autopilot widgets to function

If you're putting two Autopilot widgets within a Studio flow, there needs to be either a <Say> or a <Play> in between those widgets for the second Autopilot widget to return a response to the user.

Samples should not be duplicated within an Assistant

There should not be duplicate samples present within an assistant. Duplicate samples may cause a "maximum recursion" error and cause assistant builds to fail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the user's phone number in Autopilot?

Autopilot sends the user's phone number as a parameter (UserIdentifier) of the Task's HTTP Callback.

You can find all the parameters Autopilot sends here:

Is it possible to access the user's phone number as a variable of the Actions JSON in the Actions Bin?

Unfortunately not at this point. If you need the user's phone number you have to configure the Task with an HTTP Callback and get it as a parameter of that request in your application or Twilio Function.

Can I use Autopilot with Studio with Voice and Messaging?

Yes, you can learn more about the Autopilot Studio Widget in the links below:

How do I record an Autopilot phone call?

You can record an Autopilot Call by implementing two steps:

1. Getting the CallSid

First, you need to get the CallSid. You can do this by pointing the first task the user hits (can be the greeting task) to your app. On the memory paramater passed on the webhook, there is a twilio.voice namespace that has the CallSid.

2. Starting the recording

Once you have the callSid, you can use the Recordings API to start the recording:

Why are calls to the bot hanging up and messages not receiving a response?

Please check to see if you've configured an initiation task for your bot. In the absence of a greeting task, Autopilot will hang up phone calls and not respond to messages. You can check this in the Default Behaviors tab on the Tasks page.

Default Behaviors.png

Why is the Memory not persisting between tasks?

Autopilot persists the Memory for the duration of the dialogue and clears it once the dialogue ends. To prevent the dialogue from ending after a task is triggered, include the listen action in your response. This will ensure the Memory persists between tasks.

How do I delete, clone or move bots between accounts?

Currently it's only possible to do these actions using the CLI.

Does Autopilot support more languages?

Autopilot currently only supports US English. We do not have plans to add more language support currently.

Where do I find channel-specific parameters?

Channel-specific parameters contain details like the phone number, WhatsApp sender and Channel SID. They are included in the Memory and need to be parsed differently for each channel in the following manner:

  • Programmable Voice: Memory.twilio.voice
  • SMS: Memory.twilio.sms
  • Chat:
  • WhatsApp: Memory.twilio.messaging.whatsapp
  • Custom channel: Memory.twilio.custom

Why is the fallback task not getting triggered when the query doesn't match any tasks?

There will be circumstances in which your fallback task will need to be trained as well. If it doesn't get triggered when you expect it to, go to the Queries page in the console and add it as a sample to the fallback task. The more utterances you add to the fallback task, the more reliably it will get triggered when expected.

Filing Support Tickets

To help us assist you as efficiently as possible, please include the following information in your ticket.

Assistant SID
We need to look up your bot via it's Assistant SID to understand how you've programmed and trained it. You can find the Assistant SID on the Settings page.

Assistant SID.png

Dialogue SID
We need the Dialogue SID to understand the flow of your bot conversations. You can find the Dialogue SID in the Dialogue Info tab of the simulator. Autopilot also sends the Dialogue SID in it's request to your application and in event webhooks.

Dialogue SID.png

Query SID
We need the Query SID to understand which task was triggered by the user's input and if any fields were recognized. Currently, you can find the Query SID in the browser URL when you click into the query properties (starts with UH).

Query SID.png

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