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Media Extensions

We are no longer allowing new customers to onboard to Twilio Live. Effective November 30, 2023, Twilio Live will End of Life. We have created this Migration Guide to help you identify an alternative solution for your use case.

A Media Extension is a JavaScript application that is executed within a Twilio MediaProcessor. The Media Extension application can perform specific actions commonly used in a Twilio Live streaming solution, such as joining a Twilio Video Room and formatting the participants' videos in a grid layout.

Twilio currently hosts two Media Extensions: a Video Composer and an Audio Mixer. The Video Composer can be used to stream the contents of a Twilio Video Room in an adaptive video grid layout. The Audio Mixer can be used for an audio-only stream from a Twilio Video Room.

In a future version of Twilio Live, you will be able to create your own Media Extension, which will allow you to customize the layout and content that your streaming audience sees.

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