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Autopilot Studio Wdiget


Send calls or messages to Autopilot's intelligent assistant platform. Autopilot allows you to build conversational IVRs and chatbots using natural language understanding and conversational flows for voice calls, SMS, and messaging apps like Whatsapp, Google Assistant, and FB Messenger.

Learn more about how to use Autopilot in Studio.

Note: Autopilot widget can only be used with Incoming Message and Incoming Call triggers. Triggering an Execution via the REST API is not currently supported for Autopilot.

Required Configuration:

You must select an Autopilot Assistant when configuring this Widget.



Assistant Unique Name

The Autopilot's Assistant unique name

Messaging and Chat Configuration:

You need to specify the following configuration when using the Autopilot widget with SMS Messaging or Chat.




Send Message From

The Bot's name that the end user sees on the Chat.

Programmable Chat Service

The Programmable Chat Service Sid where the chat is deployed.


Message Attributes

The Programmable Chat Channel where the messages are sent and where the bot should reply.



The message to be sent to Autopilot for natural language understanding.





Session Ended

When Autopilot Session ends either by doing a handoff or the absence of a listen.


When a system error occurs

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