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Twilio Content API

This Twilio product is currently in Beta. Some features are not yet implemented and others will be changed before the product is declared as generally available. Use of this pilot product is subject to the relevant terms of the applicable license agreement.

The Content API is not publicly available yet. To get access please fill out this form or contact your AE/SE.

Build rich content across multiple channels


Create and send rich messaging content over any Twilio-supported messaging channel using Twilio's Content API. As you build out your messaging user experience, Content API offers a common framework to maintain a consistent user experience across all channels, without sweating the implementation details. Explore our reference documentation and the Content API Quickstart.

Content API lets you achieve the following:

  • Access rich features:
    • WhatsApp: Use dynamic quick replies (in session), buttons with dynamic URLs, list messages and more!
    • Facebook Messenger: Use quick replies and buttons.
  • Faster development for rich messaging:
    • Use a single payload to send messages across all supported channels.
    • Add dynamic variables that you can then substitute at runtime, for example "[name]".
    • Specify "Fallback" content types when rich content is not supported. A single Content API template can hold multiple content types. For examples, a template with both text and quick reply content types can be used to deliver quick reply button content to WA recipients and fallback to text content for SMS recipients.
  • Manage WhatsApp templates at scale
    • Create, read and delete WhatsApp templates via API.

Content API Message Flow

rich content message flow

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