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Twilio/call-to-action buttons let recipients tap to trigger actions such as launching a website or making a phone call.

Call-to-action buttons can only be sent via WhatsApp as approved templates.

If you are using a URL button and want to submit the template for WhatsApp approval, the URL must resolve to a publicly accessible website. If there is a variable, a valid path sample should be included in the variables array. The combined URL should resolve to a publicly accessible website.


"url": ["{{1}}"] would include a path sample in the variables definition."variables": {"1": "docs"}

Twilio/call-to-action templates can be sent via Whatsapp for out of session messages with variables. If the template's body starts or ends with a variable or has two variables next to each other, the template will not be approved by Whatsapp without a sample variable. For additional information about variables see Using Variables with Content Templates.

Supported Channels

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger

Message Preview

Content Api - CTA preview

Data Parameters


Type - string

Required - yes

Variable Support - yes

Description - The text of the message you want to send. This is included as a regular text message.

  • Maximum 640 characters


Type - array[actions]

Required - yes

Variable Support - See Common Components: Actions definition

Description - Buttons that recipients can tap on to act on the message:

  • Up to 2 buttons for Call-to-Action button types: PHONE_NUMBER or URL. Please note only a single PHONE_NUMBER or URL button can be used at a time. If two buttons are used, one must be a URL and the other a PHONE_NUMBER.
  • Please use “type” and “title” actions to create call-to-action buttons within the actions array.
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