Submit Expense Reports With One Message: Use Twilio MMS and Concur API To Make Expense Reports A Breeze

When you’re traveling on business, you’re focusing on being ready for that customer meeting, and doing work from the road. Stashing receipts for expense reports…Full Article

Josephine Guests (2)

Bringing Home Cooking To The Neighborhood: Josephine Delivers Locally Prepared Food With Twilio SMS

Josphine believes in the power of food. A new dish can bring new friends together, strengthen communities, teach kids about entrepreneurship, and at its core –…Full Article


Introducing Network Traversal Service

Today, at WebRTC World in San Jose we’ll announce the launch of Twilio Network Traversal Service. Network Traversal Service (NTS) brings low latency, cost effective,…Full Article


Introducing Elastic SIP Trunking

Today we announced the launch of Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking. Elastic SIP Trunking is an entirely new approach to SIP Trunking that uses the power…Full Article


How to Build a Real Time MMS Photostream with Twilio and Socket.IO

Since our launch a few weeks ago of Twilio MMS, your friendly neighborhood devangel crew has been busy having a barrel of monkeys building sick…Full Article

Doug McKenzie

Want To Know The Power Of A Text? Ask A Magician

Doug McKenzie makes old magic tricks new again with a few lines of code, and a few decades of practice. At AWS re:Invent, Doug showed…Full Article


Introducing DELETE, A Privacy Feature for Deleting Call and Message Activity

Today, we’re happy to announce a new feature,  DELETE, that lets you easily manage data privacy in your applications. You can now programmatically delete call…Full Article


VictorOps Launches Their Transmogrifier, Making Being OnCall Easier For Developers With Twilio

With great power comes great responsibility. No one knows this better than on-call developers. VictorOps sees developers as so powerful, that they produced a comic…Full Article


Phonestagram – Fun with Photo Filters Using Node, Hapi and CamanJS

For reasons that I have never been able to put my finger on, I have resisted signing up for Instagram. This was true before they…Full Article